50 tools to use in the classroom

In this fantastic webinar with Teacher and Instructional Technology director, Vicki Davis, you’ll get so many helpful tools recommended in warp speed. Just as you think, now there can’t be more awesome recommendations she delivers 20 more! She ends up with 50 tools that help teachers save time, have more fun when teaching and engage their students. Enjoy!

Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis

Teacher and Instructional Technology director

Vicki Davis is a Teacher and Instructional Technology director in Georgia, USA, and has been teaching for over twenty years. Vicki Davis has been writing the award-winning Cool Cat Teacher blog for 15 years. She also hosts and self-produces the podcast The 10-Minute Teacher. With over 600 episodes, the show now has over 3 million downloads, leading to the BAMMY Award for Best Education Talk Show Host in 2014.


Here is an overview of our favourites in Vicki Davis presentation

🖥️ Google Chrome: general tips for your students (slides 19-26)

  • Extensions (translate etc)
  • Turn on “Chrome Sync” – Students can sync across multiple machines
  • Use Extensity Inside Chrome (Turns extensions on and off without restart)
  • Make sure students can type with their voice (and their fingers)
  • Kaizena – Voice comments (On Google Docs/ On Phone/ On Computer)
  • Read and Write for Google – w/ 1 minute voice comments
  • Read/Write for Google Chrome with Predictive Typing

✨ Tools for Creativity in the classroom

  • Student App Creation
  • Book Creator
  • Movie Creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Quick Podcasts: Gosynth
  • Seesaw: Simple Portfolios
  • Flipgrid
  • Write the World
  • Write About App
  • Minecraft “Clubs”

💻 Google Chrome: Tools for understanding (with the read & write toolbar)

  • Hover Speech will read the page for you
  • Dictionary looks up the word for you (lookup)
  • Picture of Object – shows you a picture of the object to help struggling readers
  • Translate – helps English as a Second Language Learners
  • Make an audio file out of text using Speech Maker
  • Screenshot reader – will read what you draw a square around (need to install)
  • Screenmask – great for dyslexia. Lets you focus on one part that you’re reading 
  • Highlight words on the page for a purpose (print or share)
  • Automatically make vocabulary lists out of highlighted words in Google Docs

💡Innovative technology

  • Co Spaces – AR & VR Tools
  • 3D Bear
  • Merge Cube
  • Anatomy AR+ for Merge Cube
  • Galactic Explorer for Merge Cube
  • Print Your Own MergeCube

🎮 Games for the Classroom

  • Quizizz
  • Gimkit
  • BoomCards
  • Educaplay
  • Wizer – Differentiated worksheets
  • IXL: Adaptive for Math
  • Hapara Dashboard

↪️ Flipped Learning 

  • YouTube
  • EdPuzzle
  • Hyperdocs 
  • Flipgrid 
  • Pear Deck

👍 Interactive tools in the classroom

  • Nearpod (PearDeck is another alternative)
  • Socrative
  • Kahoot – www.getkahoot.com
  • Gradecam
  • MAD-Learn
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