Access Kognity until November

– no strings attached!

Here at Kognity, we know it can seem like the only certainty with going back to school this year is that it is going to be uncertain! This is why we are offering IBDP and IGCSE schools access to Kognity until November

Get full access for your school to all subjects, ready-made assignments, student insights, and a student practice centre that will help engage your students and get them back on track. 

Offer valid until June 30th.

No credit card needed

Offer overview

  • Sign up by June 30th to give your school access to all subjects.
    • You get access early, but your subscription officially starts when your new school year starts (in August or September 2021)
  • Tailored ‘how-to-get-started’ session.
    • Make sure you get the most out of the platform with a one-to-one training session for your school – set up your class lists, learn how to save time and engage your students with Kognity.
  • No payment before November 1st.
    • You can cancel your subscription at any point before November 1st, 2021, without charge.
  • First-class support and training 24/7 for all countries.
    • You will get a dedicated Account Manager that will support you throughout the school year, should you choose to subscribe.
Access to Kognity until November

What you get

Quality, curriculum-aligned content

Save time searching for engaging course content to teach in class. Kognity ensures you have everything you need for the year ahead and structures the syllabus by topic, allowing you to easily plan your lessons and set pre-made assignments.

Student practice centre

Students always have access to our interactive practice centre so they can test their knowledge on each topic. Allow them to become independent learners by taking control of their own journey and reading & practicing at their own pace.

Track student progress & activity

Know exactly what your students know with our statistics, tracking student knowledge gaps as well as strengths so you know where to focus your teaching time. With these insights, you can easily differentiate your teaching and homework assignments.

Works remote, in-class or hybrid

Kognity is accessible on all devices, meaning if your school’s situation changes, it won’t disrupt your teaching. Move seamlessly through changing situations by allowing students and teachers to pick up right where they left off.

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