IBDP Maths Webinar: Teaching the Maths Exploration

Written by Courtney

User Engagement Manager

5th February 2020

About the webinar

We’re excited to kick off our brand new teacher webinar series in 2020!

New book covers for Mathematics

Kaylene Connell, a senior examiner for the IB Maths IA and the author of Kognity’s Maths IA support, will guide you through how to teach the new maths exploration. This webinar focuses on overcoming the most common challenges, including how to help students choose their exploration topics. This will be followed by 15 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

About the host

Kaylene Connell has been teaching for 19 years in six different countries. She is a senior examiner for the maths internal assessment, and has been moderating for 13 years. Her goal in life is to one day keep bees, but for now, she is currently Head of Mathematics at St. George’s College in Argentina.



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