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Kognity is a learning platform saving time for teachers and improving student engagement.  Our resources are curriculum-aligned to the IBDP & IGCSE and combines the highest quality interactive content with a data-driven formative assessment approach.

We support over 150,000 students and 20,000 teachers in 115 countries,  including 1,679 students across 7 GEMS schools in the UAE!

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Engaging curriculum-aligned content

Our resources are written by subject experts and built to engage your students.

Robust assessment toolkit

An extensive assignment bank for teachers, and a practice centre for students to encourage independent studies.

Insights-driven platform

Teachers get insight into students’ performance and students can keep track of their own progress.

Exclusive offer for GEMS Schools

  • 15% discount exclusively to GEMS Schools 
    During the first year when subscribing to IBDP and/or IGCSE Full Access. 
  • 6 week full access free trial period
    An additional 2 weeks from our standard 4-week offer.
  • Complementary training by our dedicated training team
    Access to Kognity’s training team, L&D resources and continuous support. 
  • 10% discount at the point of renewal
    When subscribing to our Full Access IBDP and/or IGCSE package.
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*This offer only applies to GEMS schools in the UAE

Help your students to succeed in the IBDP or IGCSE curriculum

Kognity ensures that students have access to engaging curriculum-aligned content and exam prep material, with the ability to continuously track their individual strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can monitor their students’ progress, allowing them to differentiate their teaching and automate formative assessment based on each student’s needs. 

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“Kognity gives students the confidence to work at their own pace; watch the videos, the animations, and have that little ‘eureka moment’ in their own time. It’s quite empowering that it allows them to work things out for themselves.

Kognity plans your lessons for you, just in the way the sections are laid out. You have the text, with videos and some exercises, and then you have the questions to go with it. A teacher may spend 45 minutes making a powerpoint presentation for a similar thing, but in Kognity it’s all there for you.”

Matt Broderick

Head of Science



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