Flipped learning with Kognity

Flipping the classroom means giving your students the tools to learn new material before they even come into the classroom. This is a great way to make your teaching time more productive. Kognity provides all the tools you need to reap the benefits of flipped learning.

When students ask for a physical textbook, I say, “first, try out Kognity for six weeks”. So far, no one has pushed for that additional textbook.
John Patton, St. Gilgen International School

With Kognity, you can set curriculum-aligned reading assignments and quizzes ahead of a class. Immediate feedback on the students’ performance lets you know what you need to focus on as a teacher. This allows you to cover more content more effectively and efficiently, helping you to generate passion for your subject.

Kickstart active and engaged learning

Kognity brings together everything that’s required for accelerated learning:

  • curriculum-aligned, interactive content
  • practice centre for auto-corrected self-study
  • exam-style questions written by experts
  • self-marking assignments

This allows teachers to spend more time doing what they do best: sharing their passion for their subject.

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