How to Engage Students in 2021 – free guide!

The past year has been one of the most unexpected and challenging periods we could have imagined. In such a difficult context, what easy strategies can teachers implement to inspire students to stay motivated and keep engaged?

From helping students identify mental bias, to ways you can model positivity and open-mindedness, this free 17-page guide walks you through 13 strategies you can quickly implement into your classes today to keep students engaged


  • 13 strategies to keep your students engaged
  • 9 online tools to assist you
  • Links to further studies and reading
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Our E-book is written by Ingrid Delange

Portrait of Ingrid Delange

Ingrid is a seasoned Maths and TOK teacher, Head of Year, IB senior examiner, author for numerous educational publishers, as well as a sustainability leader and a Wellbeing and Mindfulness field practitioner.