Pricing & Subscription

Kognity offers different subscription types to fit different schools’ needs. Prices vary according to the number of students that will have access to the platform. Teacher access is always free.

We will find the best solution for you! Kognity works with schools in over 110 countries. Get in touch with us to see how we can make it work for your school!


How do I buy Kognity?

Fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you to discuss next steps! Kognity works on a yearly subscription model.

How much does Kognity cost?

The price of Kognity can vary depending on the number of students you have, and the subscription type that you choose. A Kognity subscription is charged per student, per year. Teachers are always free. Fill in the form above and we will contact you shortly!

How do I get started with Kognity?

Kognity supports you all the way through the set-up process, from creating teacher and student accounts, to training sessions to make sure you can make the most of your experience with our platform. Fill out the form above to get started!

I'm a parent or a student, can I purchase Kognity's intelligent textbooks?

Kognity is not available for individual use, as the platform is made for both students and teachers to use together. Therefore, Kognity can only be purchased through the school. It is however common that parents’ associations would purchase Kognity on behalf of the school. If you are a parent and you’d like to refer Kognity to your child’s school, please contact us here.

My school doesn't offer IBDP or IGCSE programs, can I still use Kognity in my classroom?

Kognity’s intelligent textbooks are curriculum-aligned specifically for the Cambridge IGCSEand IBDP curricula. Our quality-assured content can occasionally fit other curricula as a supplementary resource. You are welcome to try Kognity out even if you are not offering IBDP or IGCSE to see if it is a good fit for your subject.

Are all subjects included in the subscription?

With Kognity, you have two options for your subscription. Either ‘Full Access’ where you have access to all subjects within either IBDP or IGCSE, or ‘Subject Access’ where you can subscribe for just one department at your school.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

To purchase Kognity, you will need a minimum of 18 IBDP students or 25 IGCSE students subscribing to our ‘Full Access’ package.

How many subjects are available in Kognity's platform?

Kognity currently offers 25 IBDP subjects and 15 IGCSE subjects. 

All in one place

Save time with our easy-to-use, curriculum-aligned teaching hub for IBDP and IGCSE

Interactive Textbooks

Interactive textbooks

Engage your students with interactive material such as videos and 3D models.   Our textbook content is continually updated to meet the latest subject requirements and is 100% curriculum-aligned. 

Insights with Kognity


Get an overview of students’ progress in their assignments and reading.  Access rapid insights into how students are performing and identify who could benefit from more of your time.

Easy assignments setup with Kognity


Access over 10,000 expertly-curated questions and easily create differentiated assignments. Add customised questions, schedule and send with just a few clicks.

Kognity Practice Center

Practice centre

Promote independent learning by providing students with a wealth of opportunities for self-study. Auto-corrected questions give immediate feedback and a measurable sense of progress.

New to Kognity?

If you’d like to take a look inside and see what Kognity is all about, visit the ‘Explore Kognity’ page and get free access to part of our platform.

Discover our resources

Get inspired, explore tips from other teachers, read useful guides and watch webinars held by subject experts.


Gunma Kokusai Academy

“The density of language in almost all previous Theory of Knowledge textbooks has been off-putting for most of our students. The explanations in Kognity are so much more concise, clear and direct than the other textbooks. It’s great to now have …“

Varee Chiangmai International School

“The students really like it, because having Kognity makes them feel more confident. We’re trying to help students become more autonomous and better independent learners, so Kognity definitely helps with that. Kognity has simple explanations …”

Clearwater Central Catholic High School

“The International Baccalaureate (IB) is such a big factor in Florida, and this is a really great resource to have for it. We just decided to go with it and not try to have multiple texts or use it as a supplement. We told ourselves: ‘We are not going with something else ….”


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