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Kognity’s learning principles

At Kognity, we take a modern approach to effective learning and teaching. Alongside learning design experts, our product has been designed around four principles: learning should be active, inclusive, applied, and formative.  

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Teaching and learning should be active

Learning isn’t simply about transferring knowledge from ‘expert’ to ‘novice’ piece by piece or step by step. Learning is a journey in which each and every learner constructs their own understanding by making unique choices and connections: between ideas, between concepts and between sources. Teachers are there to guide this learning journey – while of course travelling on their own journeys, developing as educators.

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Teaching and learning should be inclusive

Every individual learner or teacher has a unique identity, reflecting their abilities, experiences, preferences, backgrounds, contexts and constraints. All participation is worthy. Learning content, therefore, needs to be well-designed and flexible enough to accommodate a range of needs – both those that are currently known and those that may arise later.


The value of learning extends beyond the class

Learning isn’t limited to what happens within one curriculum, one classroom or one subject. What learners see and do in class should be clearly related to what they see and do outside class. This means following the curriculum in such a way that learners understand how it applies to the real world so that, even when the topic or environment changes, they continue to experience the benefits and rewards of learning.


Formative assessment is an integral part of the learning process

‘Assessment’ doesn’t just mean ‘tests’. It’s about making learning visible by observing and evaluating it throughout the learning and teaching process. It’s about monitoring the development of a learner’s understanding and ability. It’s about reflecting on what the learner can currently do, what they still need to be able to do, and how best to bridge the gap.

  • "Kognity increases the efficiency with which one can deliver their course. By integrating the quizzes, videos and readings, teachers and students can immediately address the areas of confusion. It is a superb resource, which accelerates your teaching, and the learning from students!"

    John Patton

    IB Coordinator & Science Teacher, St Gilgen International School, Austria

  • Kognity is great for quick formative checks, instant feedback and worked examples for students, instant data for teachers, flipped learning with trackable pre-reading assignments/questions etc.
    Exactly what we need in a modern classroom to track student agency and accountability for their own learning.

    Kathleen Quinn

    Chemistry Teacher at Swiss International School Doha, Qatar

  • Kognity has helped improve my teaching by offering accessible text information and a vehicle for easy-to-use and time-saving formative assessment. As a result, student learning has improved. In a survey of my 13 students, all of them prefer it to our old text.

    Gabriele Trobbiani

    Economics Teacher at St Peter’s Girls School, Australia

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