Teach your students to think like scientists with Kognity learning platform 100% developed for NGSS

Access all teaching resources and phenomena activities in one easy-to-use learning platform created in collaboration with teachers and specialists in the Next Generation Science Standards.

With Kognity you have access to engaging content shaped by constant teacher feedback. Improve learning by using videos, simulations, interactive graphics and virtual labs and get insights that support fast formative assessment to inform your teaching.

Interactive Textbooks

Phenomena-driven, local & global, structured by engaging, up-to-date anchoring phenomena. 

Interactive Textbooks

Aligned to the three dimensions of the NGSS (DCIs, CCCs, SEPs), covering performance expectations via a 5E approach


Inquiry-led, encourage students to think like scientists

Interactive Textbooks

Skills-focused, facilitate exploration and collaboration

Interactive Textbooks

Engaging, videos/simulations/virtual labs/audio ideas/useful external links/interactive graphics

Interactive Textbooks

A community that supports teacher developed content sharing and L&D

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Kognity is now launching it’s digital learning platform for the NGSS! The platform is built to help teachers save time and teach according to the NGSS in the best way. With engaging  NGSS aligned content and insights that support formative assessment, teachers can use their time where it matters the most. The student view gives students a clear visual overview of their progress which helps them to better take ownership of their own learning.

  • Supports a  wide range of student levels 
  • A clear, visual overview of student  progress
  • Additional teacher support on how to guide students through the content
Computer with a screenshot of Kognity

Kognity was developed in 2015 for the IBDP and IGCSE curriculum. Today we support schools in over 109 countries. The platform for NGSS will be launched as a pilot during the summer of 2021 and as a full product at the beginning of 2022.

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