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NGSS Physics of the Universe: Integrating Physics and Earth and Space Science

Kognity’s online resource for high school Physics – with integrated Earth and Space Science – is designed to inspire students to think like scientists, in line with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as state-specific science standards.

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NGSS-aligned teaching resource for high school Physics

This Physics of the Universe digital resource includes 6 units. Each unit features an anchoring phenomenon that you and your students explore in a number of modules containing both digital and hands-on activities.

Units include:

  1. Forces and motion: The science of going to space
  2. Forces at a distance: Celestial motion (including satellites)
  3. Energy conversion and renewable energy: Energy mining to power your life
  4. Nuclear processes and Earth history: Apollo missions, humankind’s first step to living in space
  5. Waves and electromagnetic radiation: Waves carrying information
  6. Stars and the origins of the universe: Visualizing the universe and predicting its future


Scope and Sequence & Standards Mapping

Access documentation outlining how Kognity Physics lessons map to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Alignment with state-specific standards
Kognity’s resources are also designed to align with state-specific standards and Performance Expectations. Get in touch for more information.

Access document
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Using the Kognity teaching and learning platform for high school Physics

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NGSS high school Physics for teachers

Kognity’s NGSS Physics of the Universe resource for high school Physics helps you inspire your students to take science from the classroom into the real world with:

  • Flexible content options based on the 5E cycle and additional teacher materials to support implementation.
  • An extensive media library with 600+ videos, images and interactive models.
  • Consistent lesson organization and an easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • A combination of digital and non-digital activities and opportunities for students to collaborate.
  • Diverse and relatable anchoring phenomena connected to relevant local and global themes.
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NGSS high school Physics for students

Kognity’s NGSS Physics of the Universe resource provides students with extensive opportunities to develop scientific thinking with features including:

  • Engaging, skills-focused content in different formats: Activity boxes, 3D models, investigations and more.
  • A student notebook to record notes and observations.
  • A variety of embedded multimedia including videos, 3D models, videos & images, and interactive simulations.
  • Glossary and vocabulary boxes covering key Physics terms and definitions.
  • Integrated reading assistance with different font and visual options, audio support and automatic translation into 100+ languages.
  • Kognity is laid out in such a way that you can adapt it to whatever fits your classroom and gives you that starting point to feel more confident.

    April Pence

    Chemistry Teacher, Huntington Beach Union High School District, California

  • I love the ability that students have to practice questions and take charge of their own learning.

    Sara Griffin

    Biology Teacher, Ask Academy, Rio Rancho Public Schools, NM

  • Kognity is making the classroom more interactive, especially in a real-world scenario.

    Serenity Smith

    Biology & Chemistry Teacher, Stanly Early College High School, NC

  • Kognity is much more relatable than your traditional science textbook and is more accessible to different kinds of students.

    Marcos Cabreros

    Chemistry Teacher, Huntington Beach Union High School District, California

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