Kognity for the IB Diploma Programme

As Kognity was founded by IB alumni, we’ve designed the ultimate textbook and learning resource based on our own IB experience. Kognity is now trusted in close to 20% of all IBDP schools around the world, as we help students become owners of their own learning journey, and teachers help each student based on their individual needs.

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Kognity Theory of Knowledge book 2020

Group 2

Kognity Theory of Knowledge book 2020
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Group 3

Kognity IBDP Economics SL 2020
Kognity IBDP Economics HL 2020
Kognity's IBDP Psychology SL
Kognity's IBDP Psychology HL
Kognity's IBDP Business Management SL
Kognity's IBDP Business Management HL
Kognity's IBDP Geography SL
Kognity's IBDP Geography HL
Kognity's IBDP History: Authoritarian States
Kognity's IBDP History: The Cold War
Kognity's IBDP History: The Move to Global War

Group 4

Kognity's IBDP Biology SL
Kognity's IBDP Biology HL
Kognity's IBDP Chemistry SL
Kognity's IBDP Chemistry HL
Kognity's IBDP Physics SL
Kognity's IBDP Physics HL
Kognity's IBDP Environmental Systems and Societies

Group 5

Kognity's IBDP Mathematics: Application and interpretations SL
Kognity's IBDP Mathematics: Applications and interpretation HL
Kognity's IBDP Mathematics: Analysis and approaches SL
Kognity's IBDP Mathematics: Analysis and approaches HL

What we offer


  • Comprehensive coverage of a range of the IBDP’s latest curriculum guides
  • Carefully-curated videos, animations and simulations
  • Key terms defined and language made accessible for international learners
  • Extensive exam-style questions
  • Internal Assessment guides

The Kognity textbook is superior in its rapid access to videos, navigation and quick links to other areas of the book. It can also be easily revised so it is always up to date.

Stephen Marshall

IBDP ESS/Geography Teacher