Kognity for IBDP

Kognity for IBDP is an all-in-one teaching and learning platform, fully aligned with the IBDP curriculum and values.

Schools in over 100 countries rely on Kognity to help them to teach more efficiently and to unlock more effective independent learning for their IBDP students.

An all-in-one resource

  • Interactive textbook featuring videos, animations and simulations
  • Auto-marked assignments with instant, detailed feedback
  • Practice centre, exam-style questions and tips to support self-study
  • Easy tracking of student knowledge and progress
  • Clear language used and key terms defined to support EAL learners
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Launching Language B at Kognity

Launching Language B at Kognity

It goes without saying that 2020 has been challenging. Yet, amid all the challenges,  it has also been one of the most exciting years for the Kognity IB team: the year we decided to go into IBDP Language B. Why now? We were receiving an increasing number of requests...

IBDP: How to Facilitate the Extended Essay

IBDP: How to Facilitate the Extended Essay

This blog post is a sample of John Canning's free guide to the Extended Essay, and how you can guide your students through the process to help them succeed. He maps out what is expected from you as the supervisor, and draws on an example process so you can put it into...

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