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Kognity offers syllabus-aligned and truly interactive textbooks for Cambridge IGCSE. Hundreds of schools in over 100 countries are already using Kognity with great results.

Our Subjects

Currently in production!

IGCSE First Language book cover

Cambridge IGCSE™  First Language English (0500) FE2023

IGCSE ICT book cover

Cambridge IGCSE™ ICT (0417/0983) FE2023

Cambridge IGCSE™ and O Level Computer Science (0478/0984/2210) FE2023

IGCSE Biology book cover

Syllabus update
Cambridge IGCSE™ Biology (0610) F

IGCSE Chemistry book cover

Syllabus update
Cambridge IGCSE™ Chemistry (0625) FE2023

IGCSE Physics book cover

Syllabus update
Cambridge IGCSE™ Physics (0625) FE2023

Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education

Kognity's Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry
Kognity's Cambridge IGCSE Physics

All other subjects for Cambridge IGCSE

IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences Book Cover
Kognity's Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science
Kognity's Cambridge IGCSE Biology
IGCSE Mathematics Book Cover
Kognity Textbooks IGCSE Economics
Kognity textbook IGCSE International Maths
IGCSE Business Studies

What we offer


  • Comprehensive coverage of Cambridge IGCSE syllabuses
  • Auto-marked formative assessments with instant detailed feedback
  • Dynamic videos, animations and simulations
  • Interactive glossaries and clear language for international learners
  • Extensive exam-style questions and study skills advice

I really enjoy learning with Kognity and love that we have a way to test our knowledge and access similar IGCSE questions. This enables us to better prepare for our exams.

Student at Saint George's School, USA