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Kognity for Cambridge IGCSEis the all-in-one, curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform. Interactive textbooks, analytics and assessment support – all in one place.

Schools in over 100 countries rely on Kognity to help them to teach more efficiently and to support Cambridge IGCSE students with their independent learning.

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Endorsed Subjects

Endorsed resources have been through Cambridge International’s rigorous quality-assurance process to make sure they closely reflect the syllabus and are appropriate for Cambridge schools worldwide.

IGCSE Chemistry book cover
Kognity's Cambridge IGCSE Physics
Kognity Textbooks IGCSE Economics
IGCSE Business Studies
Kognity textbook IGCSE International Maths
IGCSE Biology book cover
IGCSE ICT book cover
IGCSE Mathematics Book Cover
IGCSE First Language book cover

Geography and English as a Second Language:
Kognity is working with Cambridge Assessment International Education towards endorsement of these titles.

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An all-in-one resource

  • Kognity supports efficient, impactful teaching and helps students become active learners.
  • 90% of students feel that Kognity has helped them achieve higher marks.
  • 92% of teachers believe that Kognity saves them time.


In the words of a Kognity IGCSE teacher:

Key features


Clear language used and key terms defined to support EAL learners

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Interactive textbook featuring videos, animations and simulations

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Auto-marked assessments with instant, detailed feedback


Built-in analytics tracking student engagement and progress

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Practice centre, exam-style questions and tips to support self-study

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Thursday Demos

Thursday Demos

Thursdays 8:30 AM CET -  3:30 AM EDT -  3:30 PM SGT Join one of our weekly demo sessions to find out more about Kognity! Our teaching and learning platform is fully curriculum aligned for IBDP, IGCSE and NGSS. It saves time for teachers, improves student engagement,...