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Cambridge IGCSE™ Co-ordinated Sciences

Key features:

  • 3D models and simulations
  • Study skills boxes to learn, reflect and self-manage
  • Practical boxes to help develop key skills for examinations
  • Core and Extended syllabus content comprehensively covered
  • Interactive glossary and clear language for international learners
  • GeoGebra applets to engage students and deepen learning

IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences Book Cover

Our IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences subject supports the full Cambridge IGCSE™ Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award) (0654) syllabus for first examination from 2019.

This text has not been through the Cambridge International endorsement process.


Take a look inside…

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3d model of a cell
Interactive applet of a converging lens
Phet simulation to observe Faraday's Law

3D model

GeoGebra applet

PhET simulation

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