We want to radically improve learning for the world’s school students

We believe all students should have access to modern and engaging learning experiences of the highest quality. No matter their background, every student should be supported to achieve their highest goals, with access to the teaching, learning and assessment opportunities they so richly deserve. 

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Shaping the future of education

We believe that the best way to elevate education is to empower teachers. That’s why we focus on addressing the real and pressing issues faced by teachers – to support high-quality, progressive teaching and learning. We’re streamlining teacher workloads and supporting active and inclusive learning journeys.

Our Values

Our values are paramount to us achieving our dream of better learning for all. They guide us in everything we do, from how we plan our days to how we run our meetings, through the good and the bad.

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We maximise progress

We actively reflect on what produces maximum progress towards our vision, and we make it happen.

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We take ownership

We take initiative and act with self-leadership. We don’t wait for someone else to solve problems we see.

We drive customer value

Success for our customers drives our progress. We create value for them in everything we do.

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We are transparent

We are radically transparent with opinions and feedback, and we share information widely.

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We take care of ourselves and each other

We work hard and passionately, but we also prioritise our own well-being and that of our colleagues.

Join us

We’re proud to be working to improve learning for the world’s school children. And we need great people to join us to make it happen! 

We’re a diverse bunch of people from all over the world, working on solving difficult and meaningful problems – constantly challenging ourselves and each other to grow and develop.

Some of our partners

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