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Join us in radically improving learning for the world’s students

We’re a people-first company; we value and empower people to produce their best work, in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Our vision is to radically improve learning for the world’s school students, so your work here will impact the lives of students and teachers all over the world.

We’re a dynamic team of caring individuals from all corners of the globe. We solve difficult and meaningful problems within education.

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Our values

Our values are essential to us achieving our dream of better learning for all. They guide us in everything we do, from the work we produce to how we make decisions.

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We maximise progress

We focus on what produces maximum progress towards our vision and make it happen.

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We take ownership

We empower people to take ownership of their work, giving them authority and responsibility.

We drive customer value

We focus on adding value for our customers in everything we do.

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We are transparent

We’re open and honest. We share information, opinions and feedback widely.

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We take care of ourselves and each other

We prioritise the physical and mental well-being of everyone, to create a sustainable work environment. We support each other and have a culture where we can always ask for help.

Our leadership principles

Have the best team in place

Leaders at Kognity build and maintain high-performing teams by recruiting top talent and enabling them to do their best work. We never compromise when hiring, so you can be certain that your colleagues will be awesome.

Build trust and caring relationships

Leaders invest time in developing authentic connections with their team by getting to know them, sharing their own backgrounds and aspirations, and fostering strong relationships among team members. This genuine care and focus on well-being builds trust, enhances collaboration, and facilitates open communication.

Establish radical candor

Leaders establish open and transparent communication with their team, providing honest and direct feedback on their own leadership performance and the performance of team members. This approach fosters fast professional growth by ensuring mutual trust, effective communication, and personal development within the team.

Delegate ownership

Leaders delegate ownership rather than tasks, fostering trust and promoting effective leadership. Delegating responsibilities accelerates innovation, personal growth, and scalability – provided that team members are equipped with clear objectives, accountability measures, and ongoing support.


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Remote work within your country of employment

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A home office allowance to create a comfortable remote work environment

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A real work-life balance with flexible hours - fit your work around your life

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Paid parental leave

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Full sick pay

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Occupational pension contributions

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Health and wellness allowance

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Our culture

We work hard and have fun. We constantly challenge ourselves and each other to produce our best work. 

We value collaboration, transparency, and the sharing of ideas. We focus on what’s important and deliver on our promises — to each other and our customers.

We embrace and celebrate diversity. We’re truly committed to building a diverse and inclusive environment where you feel you belong.

Flexible working

We embrace flexible working. We trust people to decide where they work best and feel most comfortable. To us, flexibility means having the possibility to decide how and when you work in a way that fits your personal life. We also have a lovely office in central Stockholm, where Kognity employees are welcome at any time.

Here are some examples of how we practice flexibility:

  • We take breaks and do personal stuff during the day. Grocery shopping, gym workouts, long runs, or handling personal errands. We’re transparent about this.
  • Early bird or night owl? You have the freedom of starting your day later or finishing earlier.
  • We keep meetings to a minimum and prioritise asynchronous communication to maximize deep work.
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Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

Our goal is to create a culture where people feel like they belong, are respected, and are allowed to be their true selves.

How will we get there?

Creating an inclusive environment where behaviors and choices actively include everyone, ensuring that they can fully participate as a member of the group.

Embracing diversity by having a broader representation of backgrounds and personal differences, and by appreciating the value in those differences.

Implementing equitable practices, processes, and policies that provide fair opportunities for everyone.

Our different teams


The builders of our platform. Our engineers are involved in every stage of product development, from discovery to delivery, working in cross-functional squads with ownership, trust, and autonomy. We practice continuous delivery, end-to-end testing, and lots of collaboration.


Evolving and aligning the Kognity value proposition, positioning, and product vision to create a product that teachers and students love.


Crafting curriculum-aligned educational material with precision and expertise. Our team works with external subject matter experts in curriculum and learning design to develop high-quality digital first textbooks with integrated media and assessment experiences aligned to NGSS, IB DP, and IGCSE standards.


Bringing our teaching and learning platform to the world’s student and teacher population, while ensuring a high-quality user experience that promotes great pedagogy, platform mastery and customer loyalty. We’re 27 people from eight countries across Sales, Account Management, Marketing, and User Engagement.

Finance and Legal

The operational engine that keeps the strategic plan moving forward. We make sure we play by the rules, whether it’s with money, the law, or data security.

Diagram of Kognity's interview process

Interviewing at Kognity

We believe in two-way interviews, and we want you to get a feel for what it’s like to work here. Our interviews are designed to test your skills while providing an accurate representation of life at Kognity. At any stage, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and hear your thoughts.

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The interview process

Recruiter call
An introductory chat with one of our friendly recruiters to discuss Kognity, the role, and your skills and interests.

Hiring leader call
A call with the team lead, to get to know you and discuss the role in more detail.

Case study interview
A realistic task designed to test the specific skills for the role.

Values interview
A discussion about your experience in relation to our values.

Leadership team discussion
A conversation with a member of our leadership team touching on our vision and values, as well as your motivation and career goals.