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Springfield School, Jakarta


Meet Adith Christian Putra Gaghansa. He began using Kognity in March 2020 when Springfield had to close its doors due to COVID-19. It was a sudden enforced switch to online teaching and learning that was challenging to say the least with an already high teacher workload. Learn how Kognity immediately made Adith’s remote teaching more effective and why Kognity remains to be his go-to tool lesson planning, assessment and feedback, now that he’s back in the classroom. 

Five challenges to address

Springfield School is an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia, with over 2,000 students aged 3 to 18. Secondary school students at Springfield participate in a broad academic programme, including Cambridge IGCSE™ courses. As many other schools Springfield school was pushed into a digital transformation during the pandemic. These were some of the challenges encountered:

  • A sudden, enforced switch to online teaching and learning
  • Implementing new and unfamiliar digital resources
  • Finding questions for homework, classroom activities and assessments
  • Teacher workload: marking, feedback and lesson planning
  • Using analytics to inform data-driven teaching

Flexible access to resources

With students suddenly spread out across Indonesia and even further afield in 2020, it was no longer practical to rely on physical textbooks and teaching resources. Adith and his students loved the flexibility and ease of access that Kognity instantly provided.

“With Kognity, my students can access materials online anytime, anywhere.”

“Many of my students went to their home town with their family, and some of them left the country. Many of them didn’t bring their textbooks, so it was hard for them to access the materials. Kognity solves this problem, obviously.”

Seamless implementation and top-quality customer support

It can be tricky for teachers and students to get the best out of digital tools straight away. But Adith was able to hit the ground running with Kognity. He really appreciated the ease of onboarding, top-class customer support and personalized training materials.

“I have learned to navigate Kognity and use all the features. Kognity also provides webinars so that teachers can learn from an expert.”

Saving teachers time

Adith used to spend hours pulling together questions and setting assignments for his students. Now, thanks to Kognity’s curriculum-aligned questions and reading materials, he gets to spend more time focusing on his students instead.

“Kognity provides a lot of questions. I use the question bank for entry tickets, exit tickets, homework and quizzes. It has helped me a lot.”


Hassle-free marking and feedback

The automated assignments make marking and assessment procedures much more efficient. Now, students always get meaningful and timely feedback.

“I was having trouble giving my students feedback. But using the features in Kognity I can assign them questions and, right when they submit their answers, students are able to assess whether they have done it correctly or not. Kognity also provides complete solutions, so they can study from anywhere on their own. From a teacher’s perspective, it’s good because it saves my time.”

Efficient lesson planning supported by analytics

Adith relies on Kognity’s student progress analytics to inform his lesson planning. This allows him to differentiate his teaching more effectively, making more productive use of  valuable classroom time.

“From the statistics in Kognity, I am able to plan ahead for the next lessons and topics that I need to deliver to my students. I can identify which students are struggling with a particular concept instead of reviewing everything with the whole class.”

“Kognity helped me with my teaching in class.”