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Cambridge IGCSE™ Chemistry (FE 2023)

Kognity for Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620/0971) is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education for full syllabus coverage.

Full FE 2019 syllabus coverage is also available.

Cambridge IGCSE™ Chemistry

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Complete, curriculum-aligned and continuously updated

A wealth of high-quality teaching resources at your fingertips, with full syllabus coverage including Core and Extended material


Content that brings the subject to life

Interactive content that boosts student engagement and encourages active learning, with videos, H5P applets and animations


Formative assessment and differentiation made easy

Set customised, auto-corrected assignments from over 1000 questions, with instant feedback to students and analytics to inform your teaching

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Giving every learner the support they need

Designed for inclusive teaching and learning, with clear language, integrated reading assistance and an interactive glossary

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Developing experimental skills and applied learning

Extensive instructions and safety guidance for over 30 hands-on investigations, with relevant exercises and follow-up activities

Active learning

Promoting metacognitive processes

Sections that highlight study strategies and cross-curricular connections, helping students to reflect on their own learning

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“Kognity helps me teach the curriculum more efficiently”


“Kognity helps my students take more ownership of their learning”


“Kognity helps me assess my students’ performance more easily”

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Kognity for Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry supports elevated, digital-first teaching and learning that meets the needs of modern students. The intuitive platform equips teachers to deliver the course more efficiently, helping students to realise their potential and prepare effectively for their exams.

  • "Kognity reduces my workload, and in the right way. It takes care of review questions and pre-reading, giving me time to focus on students’ individual needs and harder topics."

    Dr. Matt Welling

    Science Department Lead

  • "Kognity is a well organized, visually-appealing resource for students and educators. The fast grading and immediate feedback for students is awesome. I am not going back to a traditional textbook."

    Juliet Perry

    Chemistry Teacher, Shaker Heights High School, Ohio

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