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IBDP Business Management – FE 2024

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Business management 2024 SL
IBDP Business management 2024 HL
Interactive textbook, analytics and assessment support – all in one place

Fully aligned
This resource is fully aligned with comprehensive coverage of the latest course with first teaching in 2022, including support for the business management toolkit and internal assessment

In cooperation with IBO
Developed in cooperation with the IB to match all aspects of the new syllabus with first teaching in 2022, and first examination in 2024. 

Kognity in cooperation with IBO

Our resource is:

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Filled with activities, opportunities for student inquiry and relevant and up-to-date case studies and real-life examples

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Linked to ideas central to IB education – Theory of Knowledge, International Mindedness, Learner profile, Making connections, Concept boxes etc.

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Engaging videos, useful external links and interactive graphics and terminology activities


Forward thinking
Ethics, sustainability and social entrepreneurship is a prominent thread throughout the resource.

Take a look inside…

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Tools are found throughout the subject in relevant places, but also all collected in a separate topic. 

Forward thinking screenshot

Consistent focus on ethics, sustainability and social entrepreneurship, helping to shape the business people of the future

Case Study screenshot

Plenty of international and engaging case studies throughout, with exam-style questions along with answers and mark commentaries. 

Concept screenshot

Supporting the four concepts in the subject – sustainability, ethics, creativity and change. 

Terminology screenshot

Interactive terminology exercises in all subtopics to aid practice and  help build up business management vocabulary.

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IBDP Business Management – FE 2016

Kognity's IBDP Business Management SL
Kognity's IBDP Business Management HL
A curriculum-aligned resource with comprehensive coverage of IBDP Business management (first examination 2016), set out around concepts, context and content.

Interactive Textbook
Engaging and interactive materials cover the six main concepts that form the basis of the Business Management course: change, culture, ethics, globalisation, innovation and strategy.

Customisable assignments that can be set with just a few clicks, including strength tests, reading tasks and exam-style questions with mark schemes.

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