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IB Diploma Programme French B (FE 2020)

Developed by leading subject experts, Kognity for IB Diploma Programme French B allows teachers and learners to meet the demands of DP French with confidence.

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Complete, curriculum-aligned and continuously updated

A wealth of high-quality teaching resources at your fingertips – 100% coverage of Standard and Higher Level with exam practice.


Materials that bring the subject to life

Interactive content that encourages active and independent learning, including videos, audio materials, visual stimuli and texts.


Formative assessment and differentiation made easy

Set customised, auto-corrected assignments from over 500 questions with model answers, instant feedback to students and analytics to inform your teaching.

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Giving every learner the support they need

Designed for inclusive teaching and learning, with clear language, integrated reading assistance and an interactive glossary.

Active learning

Key skills and authentic materials

Varied and relevant authentic text and media stimuli to develop receptive and productive skills, with integrated grammar and writing support.

Addressing key IB concepts

Sections that highlight Theory of Knowledge and International Mindedness, promoting cross-curricular connections.

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"Kognity helps me teach the curriculum more efficiently"


“Kognity helps my students take more ownership of their learning”


“Kognity helps me connect my teaching to the real world”

Efficient, impactful DP teaching

The best DP learning experiences bring concepts to life and foster a love of learning.

Kognity for DP French B supports digital-first teaching and learning that gives students the skills, confidence and inspiration to take their learning into the real world. The intuitive platform saves teachers time and equips them to oversee improved student outcomes and truly impactful learning experiences.

  • I assign all readings through Kognity content, I redirect students back to the links and videos, and the exam-style questions are useful also. The content is well-written and a comprehensive resource for IB Exam preparation.

    Anya Marin

    Curriculum leader at Glenforest Secondary School, Canada

  • Kognity increases the efficiency with which one can deliver the course. By integrating the strength tests, battles, section questions, quizzes, videos and readings, teachers and students can immediately address areas of confusion.

    John Patton

    IB Coordinator and Science Teacher at St Gilgen International School, Austria

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