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Get up and running with Kognity through this self-paced guide to implementing the platform into your IB DP or Cambridge IGCSE™ classroom!

On this page you will find short video explanations, training videos for your students and next steps to elevate your teaching with Kognity.

Get started

This section has all the information you need to get set up with Kognity and understand the structure of the platform.

Welcome to Kognity!

Together, we can create an inspiring learning environment, and help your students develop their academic abilities. Let’s explore how!


Logging in to Kognity

Learn the process for setting up your account and logging in to Kognity for the first time.


If you are a Kognity administrator, take a look at this article.

Managing your Kognity classes

Add and remove students and teachers from your classes.


Google Classroom

Integrate your Google and Kognity classrooms for streamlined assignments and student communication.


Your table of contents

Learn the structure of Kognity’s content.


Your students' table of contents

Learn about the tools for students to organise their learning in their Table of Contents.


Media Library

Use vetted videos, images and interactives in your lessons with this tool.


Discover your book

Your digital content has a variety of interactive features and self management tools to get your students engaged with the content and to support accessibility and language development.

The book content

Learn about the interactive and accessible activities and tools to engage your students with your subject’s content.


Hide and Show content

Take control of students’ content visibility with this tool.


Section questions

Get to know how this formative assessment type supports independent learning


Teacher vs. student view

Switch between the teacher and student view of the content with ease so you can benefit from the features of both views.


The Reading Assistance Tool

Make reading accessible for everyone with this tool.


The Notebook

Take a look at how the Notebook can support active reading for your students and help teachers plan with the content.


Printing Book content

Easily print content with one click!


Giving feedback on our platform

Your voice matters! Learn where you can give feedback that will continue to develop our platform.


Review in the Practice Centre

Students can go to the Practice Centre to do independent and collaborative consolidation to prepare for upcoming tests and exams. Check out the different types of practice questions students can take below.

Strength tests

Students can consolidate independently with these auto-graded practice questions.


Strength Battles

Students can engage in fun and friendly competition with this format of auto-graded practice questions!


Guide learning with Assignments

Assignments are your opportunity to guide students and hold them accountable for doing their homework. Check out the different types of assignments we offer below, and take a look at how you can use student data from assignments to inform your instruction.

Book assignments

Create and send this assignment type for flipped learning and to gauge your students’ progress in the book.

Video coming soon!

Question Assignments

Create and send this assignment type for formative and summative assessment purposes.


IB DP Exam-style Assignments

Create and send this assignment type for exam preparation.


IGCSE Test practice question assignments

Create and send this assignment type for exam preparation.


Data from past assignments

Take a look at your students’ performance in assignments to inform your instruction.


Use Insights to inform instruction

The Insights tab holds all the data on how your students engage with their subject. This data can be used to personalise learning and inform instruction. Check out the different types of data you have access to below!

Insights: a general overview

Get a general overview of how the insights feature can help personalise and inform your instruction.


The Questions tab

Learn how you can use this tab to understand your students’ progress and establish class patterns.


The Textbook tab

Learn how this tab can help you keep track of students’ reading progress and help them meet their learning goals.


Last activity

Learn how this tab acts as an excellent class management tool.


Individual student data

Learn how this tab gives you personalised data on individual student engagement with all aspects of the platform.


Full training video

This video, delivered by one of our implementation specialists, mirrors a full training session that delves into all aspects of Kognity’s platform and how to successfully integrate them into your classroom.

Kognity platform training video

This video will cover how to successfully set up and log into your Kognity account, how the book is organised and the interactive and accessible tools that engage your students with the content, the practice centre, assignments and insights to inform your instruction.


Capacitación Kognity Para Maestros


Student training

Here you can find videos to empower your students with the skills and understanding to make the most out of Kognity and boost independent learning.

Welcome to Kognity

Together, we can make learning easier and more fun! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the features you should explore.


Know your progress and study strategically

In this video, we will show you how you can use Kognity to study strategically, and reach your potential!


Boost exam readiness in the Practice Centre

The Practice Centre is an incredible resource for preparing for upcoming exams, and in this video, we will show you how to get the most out of it!


Making the most of your homework

In this video, you can explore the types of homework assignments you will receive on Kognity and lean how you can get the most out of them to accelerate your learning!


Next steps: Elevate your teaching

Head to our Elevate teaching section of the Educator Hub to get instructional support and learn how you can use Kognity to improve teaching and learning!

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