Elevate your teaching with Kognity

Explore on-demand resources to develop your skills and maximize Kognity at a pace that suits you! On this page you will find short videos, guides, and webinars on how to deepen your pedagogical practices with the Kognity platform and to support you in elevating your instruction.


Formative assessment with Kognity

Learn how using formative assessment techniques on the Kognity platform can provide you with consistent feedback on how your students are progressing, allowing for you to adapt your teaching to their needs.


Flip your classroom with Kognity

A Flipped classroom allows for class time to be an opportunity for your students to work through new concepts with their peers and for you to guide them. Learn how to introduce your students to Kognity’s content for them to digest at home before your class.


Scaffolding conceptual learning with Kognity

Conceptual learning fosters critical thinking and a deeper understanding of core ideas that transcend individual subjects. Learn how to maximise the Kognity features that support you in teaching with this approach.


Supporting students' language development with Kognity

Learn how you can support your students’ language learning journey with Kognity’s reading assistance tool (and many other features)!


Tackle data driven instruction with Kognity Insights

Data driven instruction allows you to identify potential knowledge gaps and to differentiate your teaching for all of your students to grow and succeed. Learn how Kognity’s ‘Insights’ provides guidance for assessing your students’ understanding of a subject.


Exam preparation with Kognity

Explore the 3 Kognity features that can aid in devising an effective plan for exam preparation and will support you in boosting your students’ confidence.


IB DP Guides

Discover useful guides and supporting material to develop your skills in using Kognity for your specific IB Diploma Programme subject(s).

IGCSE Guides

Discover useful guides and supporting material to develop your skills in using Kognity for your specific Cambridge IGCSE™ subject(s).


Watch our on-demand webinars to gain a more in-depth knowledge on how you can leverage Kognity to elevate your teaching and unlock your students’ potential.

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