Engage Online Conference Agenda

Mix and match from three tracks

The agenda for Engage Online 2023 is built around three tracks: Science PedagogyElevate Teaching and Leadership.

You’ll also get the chance to tune into special sessions run by Kognity’s own experts, partners, coaches and ambassadors.

Agenda - Science Pedagogy track

12:00 p.m. (ET)

Anjana Iyer

Chemistry for All: Inclusion Stories and Teaching Strategies

Anjana Iyer, Chemistry teacher

Together we will explore innovative approaches to teaching chemistry that promote inclusion for all students. By harnessing the power of NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and engaging storylines, we’ll delve into effective strategies for creating chemistry classrooms where every student can thrive.Our journey will encompass not only the science content but also the pedagogical techniques and inclusive practices that can transform the learning experience

2:00 p.m. (ET)

Dr. Patrick Brown

Activating Student Learning Through Explore-before-Explain

Dr. Patrick L. Brown

Within this session, participants will learn both the art and science of how to meaningfully incorporate social justice principles, such as culturally responsive pedagogy, within instructional planning and delivery, as well as classroom culture and climate in ways that build and deepen the social consciousness of learners and equip them to leverage the sciences as a means for social good.

3:00 p.m. (ET)

Krystal Allen

Purpose-Driven Moves: How to Infuse & Center Social Justice Education within Science Classrooms

In this session, participants will learn both the art and science of how to meaningfully incorporate social justice principles, including: culturally responsive pedagogy, instructional planning and delivery, as well as cultivating classroom culture and climate in ways that deepen the social consciousness of learners and equip them to leverage the sciences as a means for social good.

5:30 p.m. (ET)

Charles Fulco

No Child Left Inside!: Using the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse as an Authentic Indoor/Outdoor Learning Experience

Charles Fulco

In this session, we’ll integrate the 2024 North American Total Solar Eclipse into NGSS-based indoor/outdoor STEAM lessons, activities and investigations. We’ll discover the unique and rare pedagogical opportunities that this celestial event offers, including the chance to experience a school-wide, cross-content indoor/outdoor learning experience that will never be forgotten.

7:00 p.m. (ET)

Justin "Mr. Fascinate" Shaifer

Bring STEM to Class

Justin "Mr. Fastinate" Shaifer

Most teachers recognize the importance of 21st-century skills for the modern workforce, but few effectively translate them into lesson plans for their students. Based on Justin’s professional experience in multiple STEM disciplines and STEM youth development programs, this tech-savvy workshop walks educators through unique lesson plans to engage students in STEM.

Agenda - Elevate teaching track

11:00 a.m. (ET)

Kasey Bell

The Teacher's Guide to Choice Boards: Empower & Engage Students!

Give your students choice in their learning through interactive learning menus and choice boards. In this session, we will explore examples of learning menus and choice boards, talk about instructional design techniques, how to differentiate, tips and tricks, and participants will walk away with tons of free templates!

1:00 p.m. (ET)

Matt Miller

The Art & Science of Memorable Teaching

Matt Miller

The world is changing quickly. The work world demands more and more. How can we prepare students for it? And can we do it in a way that honors our unique, true selves as teachers? Using classroom stories, vision and surprises at every turn, Matt Miller shows how teaching is a craft — part art and part science. With a little perspective and confidence, we can take great strides toward the classroom of our dreams. You’ll leave this speech entertained, equipped and inspired to create memorable learning that changes students’ lives.

5:00 p.m. (ET)

Eric Curts

Active Learning with Google Tools

Eric Curts, Technology Integration Specialist

EduProtocols are instructional templates that are designed to engage students in learning through critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, in any subject or grade level. In this session you will see how engaging these can be for students by trying out several hands-on activities such as Sketch and Tell, Iron Chef, Tier List, and more.

6:00 p.m. (ET)

Alice Keeler

Unlocking Student Success: The Power of Purpose in Student-Centered Classrooms

Step into a world of educational enlightenment with Alice Keeler and Kognity as we embark on a journey to discover the profound ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ of student-centered classrooms. In this captivating and thought-provoking session, we’ll unveil the secrets to crafting classrooms that empower and inspire students to thrive. Join us to transform your teaching approach and elevate student learning to new heights.

Agenda - Leadership track

11:00 a.m. (ET)

Dr. Carol Baker

All About NGSS: A Writer’s Perspective

Dr. Carol Baker

Dr. Carol K Baker was one of the 41 writers of the Next Generation Science Standards. In this session she will talk about the intent of the standards and how science teaching, learning and assessing should change as a result of these standards. Come hear what you can look for in classrooms to determine if teachers in your schools have transitioned their teaching to meet these new standards.

12:00 p.m. (ET)

Henrik Appert

How AI Will Reshape Math Education

Henrik Appert

CEO & Founder of Magma Math, Henrik Appert, will present how thoughtful implementation of technology is reshaping learning in math, including the roles of teachers and students. We will explore why learning math is still relevant, and what the promises and pitfalls of technology are.

2:00 p.m. (ET)

Dr. Sheryl Abshire & Allison Reid

AI: The Next Frontier

Dr. Sheryl Abshire and Allison Reid

AI, what’s it all about? Why’s everyone talking about it nonstop? Let’s delve into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence (AI) and explore its potential impact on the K-12 education landscape. We have the answers for you from ed tech experts in the field. Let’s shape the ethical use of AI, ensure technology serves as a catalyst for inclusive learning, and explore the frontiers of AI in education!

3:00 p.m. (ET)

Dr. Sheryl Abshire & Allison Reid

AI: Let’s Talk About It!

Dr. Sheryl Abshire and Allison Reid

Join two seasoned educators for a lively discussion about the new “big” thing in education, AI. Share your stories, your questions, your hopes and your fears. You’re sure to come away ready to tackle the many challenges and opportunities presented by AI in education.

3:00 p.m. (ET)

Tim Garcia

The 4 I’s: A Grounding Practice

Tim Garcia

All educators and leaders know the feeling: stuck, plateaued, “I’ve tried everything, nothing works.” Oftentimes a small adjustment can result in long lasting positive impacts. Through this session, educators and leaders will see how alignment and reflection is key to identifying a root cause, making small adjustments and ensuring mindset alignment. Educators will leave this session with a tool for reflection and the opportunity to apply it to their school practices, curricular decisions and even personal lives.

4:30 p.m. (ET)

Christine Willig

Leading Through Change

Christine Willig, Kognity and EPS/School Specialty board member

A pragmatic session on the nature of change and how to help your team through a period of transition.

6:00 p.m. (ET)

Dr. Kecia Ray

Leading with Science

Dr. Kecia Ray

Together we will explore how using Science as the academic core can increase students’ overall proficiency and academic achievement. We will discuss how science standards include many crucial skills for our students that are relevant to other subject areas and dive deeper into how school’s can build academic rigor through an engaging science curriculum.

Agenda - Partner sessions

4:00 p.m. (ET)

Louisa Rosenheck

Ed Tech in the Neurodiverse Classroom

Neurodiversity at its heart is the idea that different minds work in different ways, and learn best in different environments. In the classroom, technology should be designed and implemented in ways that are flexible and adaptable enough to support a wide variety of students and the ways they want to engage in learning and demonstrate their understanding. This session will start with some basics about what neurodiversity means, and it will present some examples of ed tech tools that support diverse learners. It will share the Universal Design for Learning framework to explore classroom practices that leverage these tools as well.

Agenda - Kognity sessions

11.30 a.m. | 2:00 p.m. (ET)

Sasha Ferreira

Discover Kognity for High School Science

Sasha Ferreira, Curriculum Specialist at Kognity

Kognity empowers teachers to simplify instruction, build student agency, and remove barriers to learning. Together we can take students from the classroom to the real world with phenomena-based lessons. Kognity for High School Science provides 3-dimensional learning with a balance of digital and non-digital opportunities to collaborate and explore. Join this demonstration to learn how you can engage students and improve learning with Kognity’s digital curriculum resources for high school science.

11.30 a.m. (ET)

Sam Van Buren

Discover Kognity for IB DP

Sam Van Buren, Account Executive at Kognity

Gone are the days of heavy textbooks and reams of paper. With Kognity, teachers and learners can access a sphere of educational support and resources anywhere and at any time – including interactive and engaging textbooks, insightful analytics and key assessment support. Our digital-first teaching and learning platform houses all of this and more, all in one place. Join this demonstration to learn how Kognity users get the most out of our platform.

4:00 p.m. (ET)

Grace Boersma

The Power of the Anchoring Phenomena Routine

Grace Boersma, PD Specialist at Kognity

Introducing a phenomena can make or break a unit, as we want to make sure to elicit student ideas and experiences. In this session, participants will dive into a Kognity lesson through the lens of a student to experience an Anchoring Phenomena Routine. After going through an APR, participants will then go through a short reflection to identify how much student voice is present in an intro lesson and how much “figuring out” is on the students.


Meet the session speakers!

  • Justin Shaifer, Science TV Host & Producer

    Justin Shaifer

    Science TV Host & Producer

    As the founder of Fascinate Media, Justin is revolutionizing the way students learn by creating immersive educational experiences and content using 3D VFX, Virtual Production, and Generative AI. His goal is to become the ESPN of STEM, inspiring young people to embrace their inner nerd and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, regardless of their surroundings.

  • Tim Garcia

    Tim Garcia

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practitioner

    Tim Garcia has for the past decade had the honor and privilege of working with the most incredible students, families, and educators. Thoughtful curriculum development, classroom management, anti-racist practices, and student-centered instruction truly are the foundation for transformative education. At his core, Tim believes that meeting needs and creating the right environment can create access for any and all students. He is currently a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practitioner working at an independent day school in the Bronx.

  • Dr. Patrick L. Brown

    Dr. Patrick L. Brown

    Executive director of STEAM and career education

    Dr. Patrick L. Brown is the executive director of STEAM and career education for the Fort Zumwalt School District in St. Charles, Missouri. Before arriving at Fort Zumwalt, he received a PhD in curriculum and instruction from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Brown has a range of K–12 and postsecondary teaching experience. He has taught elementary, middle-level, and high school lessons and undergraduate and graduate courses for prospective elementary, middle, and high school teachers. He has won various awards for his science methods course teaching.

  • Louisa Rosenheck

    Director of Learning Design for the Kahoot! Group & playful pedagogy enthusiast

    Louisa Rosenheck is a thought leader in the ed tech field, with a passion for game-based learning and playful pedagogies. She is a co-author of the book Resonant Games and teaches ed tech design at the Harvard School of Education.

  • Krystal Allen

    Education advocate, and award-winning former teacher and school principal

    Krystal Allen is an award-winning former teacher and principal who was recently featured in Time Magazine for her thought leadership on racial bias in K-12 classrooms. Krystal has an impressive list of accomplishments including a 2019 Gambit 40 Under 40 recipient.

  • Kasey Bell

    International speaker, author and creator of ShakeUpLearning.com

    Through teacher empowering publications and award-winning educational resources at ShakeUpLearning.com, and hosting two weekly podcasts, Kasey Bell proves why we should never settle for the boring when it comes to bringing out the very best in our students.

  • Charles Fulco

    Charles Fulco

    No Child Left Inside! | Science Teacher and NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador

    As an Education & Outreach Coordinator at NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassadors, Charles has been working for many years to inspire and engage students, teachers, and the public with the wonders of space exploration and science. His current program, “No Child Left Inside!”, is designed to promote eclipse awareness with the goal of 100% of U.S. students experiencing the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse outdoors.

    Charles is currently facilitating eclipse education outreach with Windham Prison System, Texas.

  • Alice Keeler

    Edtech leader, Google Developer Expert, Google Certified Innovator, & Author

    Alice Keeler is a globally respected leader in edtech, a Google Developer Expert, Google Certified Innovator, and author of seven books including “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom”. She creates and codes time-saving solutions for educators.

  • Anjana Iyer, Chemistry teacher

    Anjana Iyer

    Chemistry teacher, Inclusive education advocate

    Anjana has been teaching Inclusion Chemistry for 13 years at Hillsborough High School in NJ. As a fervent advocate for inclusive chemistry education, she firmly believes that every student can excel in chemistry. Her commitment to education has earned her accolades such as the 2023 New Jersey State Finalist for PAEMST and the 2022 Governor’s Educator of the Year award.

  • Eric Curts, Technology Integration Specialist

    Eric Curts

    Technology Integration Specialist, SPARCC

    Eric has been in education for 32 years, and currently serves as a Technology Integration Specialist for SPARCC in North Canton, Ohio where he oversees Google for Education implementation, training, and support, as well as other technology integration initiatives. Eric is an authorized Google Education Trainer and Innovator, and provides training to schools, organizations, and conferences throughout Ohio and across the country.

  • Dr. Kecia Ray

    Dr. Kecia Ray

    Strategic Advisor | Coach | Author

    Dr. Ray is an award-winning administrator with a track record of transforming large urban districts.

    Her most recent projects include consulting with the New York City Department of Education and Los Angeles Public Schools to pivot to blended learning in response to the global pandemic. She serves the South Carolina Department of Education as a transformation coach for virtual schools and leads a community forum and consulting network, K20Connect, along with other passion projects.

  • Dr. Sheryl Abshire

    Dr. Sheryl Abshire

    Ed Tech Specialist, Consultant & Thought Leader

    40+year veteran educator, worked as school principal, K-5 teacher, library/media specialist, classroom teacher, assistant professor Lamar University, adjunct professor at McNeese State Univ & Louisiana Tech Univ. Involved in diverse staff development programs throughout the nation involving restructuring schools through the infusion of technology & curriculum enhancements.

    Sheryl served on ISTE Standards & Accreditation Committee & serves on numerous national, state, & district committees focusing on role of technology & curriculum integration in changing educational practice. Dr. Abshire is sought-after speaker on educational and technology issues, extensively presented and published nationally and internationally about funding, leadership, education, & technology issues.

  • Allison Reid

    Allison Reid

    Sr. Director of Digital Learning & Libraries

    Allison Reid, an accomplished educator and CETL certified technology leader, holds an MEd in Instructional Technology from NC State University. She serves as the Senior Director for Digital Learning & Libraries in WCPSS, driving innovation in digital tools.

    With her unique blend of teaching and tech expertise, Allison ensures administrative policies positively impact student outcomes, fostering dynamic and inclusive learning environments. She was a contributor to CoSN’s Digital Equity Toolkit.

  • Grace Boersma, PD Specialist at Kognity

    Grace Boersma

    Professional Development Specialist, Kognity

    Grace Boersma is a professional development specialist at Kognity with over 8 years of experience as a high school chemistry teacher. She is passionate about helping teachers create engaging and effective learning experiences for their students through an inquiry lens. Grace has been awarded the Science Innovation Hall of Fame Educator Excellence Award, as well as the Teacher of Promise Award.

  • Henrik Appert

    Henrik Appert

    Founder & CEO of Magma Math

    Henrik Appert is the founder and CEO of Magma Math, an internationally recognized & awardwinning math learning platform. He is an appreciated speaker, writer and panelist on topics of education, innovation and entrepreneurship, featured in top-tier publications and on national news outlets.

  • Christine Willig, Kognity and EPS/School Specialty board member

    Christine Willig

    Kognity and EPS/School Speciality board member

    Christine is a 40-year veteran of the K12 education space and recently retired as CEO of Illuminate Education. Previous to Illuminate Education, she was President of Pre-K12 for McGraw-Hill Education, CEO/President for Math Solutions, and CEO for Inspect by Key Data Systems. She also built the early award-winning edtech tool, netTrekker.

  • Dr. Carol Baker

    Dr. Carol Baker

    NGSS Writer/Presenter/Consultant

    Dr. Carol Baker was one of forty-one individuals chosen nationwide to be a member of the writing team for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Forty-four states have adopted NGSS in full or in part to guide the science that is taught in schools around the U.S. Dr. Baker has conducted several large-scale workshops to educate K-12 teachers and administrators about NGSS both locally and nationally, and she has been asked to present at many conferences around the country. She also works with many schools/districts on curriculum, lessons, and assessments aligned to NGSS.

  • Matt Miller

    Matt Miller

    Head of Ditch that Textbook, Author & Edtech enthusiast

    Matt Miller is the author of four books. He has spent more than a decade teaching technology-infused lessons in public schools. As an author, blogger and education speaker, he encourages teachers to free their teaching and revolutionize their classrooms with mindset, techniques and curriculum to serve today’s learners.