High School Science: from the classroom to the real world

Kognity provides educators with a more successful approach to teaching science in the high school classroom, combining the best of pedagogy and technology.

See Kognity in action

Kognity is an easy-to-use, digital-first platform that makes learning and teaching high school science more flexible, interactive and equitable.

Kognity empowers teachers to:

Simplify instruction

Kognity’s NGSS-aligned three-course science model – Living Earth/Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, with integrated Earth Sciences – is centered around real-world anchoring phenomena. Units are organized into manageable chunks to optimize student learning.

Build student agency

Student engagement in decision-making processes is key to three-dimensional learning. Kognity encourages students to take ownership of the “how and why”, developing their critical thinking skills and preparing them for life after high school.

Remove barriers to learning

Kognity promotes equitable access to learning, featuring over 130 language options, audio support, screen enhancements, and disciplinary literacy tools. The interactive content highlights diverse perspectives, with built-in scaffolds and multiple entry points.


Kognity’s teaching and learning platform aligns with acceptable uses of ESSER funds and can be purchased through many of the funding channels currently available to schools.