Get started with Kognity!

Get up and running with Kognity for High School Science through this self-paced guide to implementing the platform into your classroom!

On this page you will find short video explanations, training videos for students and next steps to elevate your teaching with Kognity.

Get to know the platform

This section has everything you need to become acquainted with Kognity’s content structure and to get started with the tools in place to support your teaching.

Unit introduction to phenomena

Learn about the breakdown of Kognity’s subjects into units, and how students are introduced to the anchoring phenomena.


The structure of a unit

Take a look at the breakdown of each unit into modules and lessons and how the 5E instructional model is woven throughout the content.


NGSS Alignment

Take a look at where you can find the content alignment to Next Generation Science Standards.


Content options in a lesson

Learn about the interactive and engaging ways Kognity delivers content within lessons.


Instructional Support

Learn about the different ways Kognity supports teachers in the platform.


Completion Progress

Use this tool to help you monitor students’ progress in the platform.


Plan for class

This section presents the tools available to you while lesson planning, including multimedia resources, control over content visibility, and the teacher instructions at your fingertips.

Hide and Show content

Use this tool to take control of what content is available to your students.


Teacher vs. student view of the content

Effectively facilitate classroom instruction while also getting access to your students’ view of the platform with this tool.


The Media Library

Use the resources in the Media Library in your lessons.


Book Assignments

Use this tool for in class work and to keep track of student progress with the learning activities in the content.

Video coming soon!

Google Classroom

Connect Kognity with Google Classroom to automatically sync your assignments to both platforms.


Assess your students

This section covers the wide variety of formative and summative assessments available as standalone activities or embedded directly into the content.

The Driving Question Board

Learn how to use Kognity’s Driving Question Boards throughout the unit or upload your own to our platform to keep everything in one place.


Knowledge Checks

Learn about the “temperature checks” embedded throughout the content to ensure students are actively engaging with and understanding what they’re learning.


Activity Sheets

Take a look at the in class group or individual activities embedded in lessons.



Take a look at how this tool can be used to help students gauge their learning and retain knowledge.



Learn how this content option supports students in voicing their own opinions and ideas about what they’re learning.


Performance Tasks

Assign these transfer tasks at the end of a module to assess in 3D how your students apply the skills they’ve learned.


Question Assignments

Design your own formative assessments, entry/exit tickets or homework with this tool.


Student support

This section covers all the tools available in the platform that support accessibility, active learning and language development

Reading Assistance Tool

Make reading accessible for all your students with this improved readability tool.



Learn about how the embedded glossary builds academic language in an accessible way.


Vocabulary Boxes

Take a look at how students can practice new words and phrases in context.


The Notebook

Check out how the Notebook promotes active reading.


Next steps

Head to our Elevate teaching part of the Educator Hub to get instructional support and learn how you can use Kognity to improve teaching and learning!

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