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Three Dimensional Learning Theory with Kognity

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We want students to have a clear understanding of specific concepts, as well as how to engage with new knowledge, answer questions, solve problems, and make connections between science and their real world. This want is where the three dimensions come into play. Let’s dive into the specifics!


Customize Your Students' Learning Journeys

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You are always in control of what you and your students do in the classroom. In this video we walk through how customizable Kognity can be in your classroom!

Designing Instructional Sequences with Kognity

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Learn how you can design instructional sequences with Kognity’s approach to phenomena-based learning and storylines, the 5E model, and 3D learning!

Driving Inquiry with Kognity

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Learn how you can embed inquiry into your lessons and units.

Building a System of Assessment with Kognity

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Build your assessment system by making use of formative and summative assessment practices.

Student Accountability with Book Assignments

It can be difficult to ensure that students complete their assignment reading and understand what they have read. Kognity helps you solve this problem.

Video coming soon!

Assessing Student Progress with Kognity's Insights

Kognity’s Insights section provides guidance for assessing your students’ understanding of a subject, supports in identifying potential knowledge gaps, and allows you to differentiate your instruction for all of your students to grow and succeed.


Supporting Students' Language Development

Learn how Kognity’s Immersive Reader, Glossary, and Notebook can support your students’ language development.


Entry and Exit Tickets with Kognity

Entry and exit tickets are a great tool to gauge your students’ understanding of a given topic. Let’s dive into how Kognity can support!


Literacy and Language Support with the Immersive Reader

The Immersive Reader tool supports in removing language and reading barriers – learn how!



Kognity's Pedagogical Approach to the 5E's

Explore the 3 Kognity features that can aid in devising an effective plan for exam preparation and will support you in boosting your students confidence.

Kognity’s pedagogical approach to the 5E’s (PDF)

Kognity's Alignment to the NGSS Framework

This guide outlines the structure of Kognity’s NGSS high school science books with explicit connection to the NGSS framework. We will explore where the alignments can be found in the content and how you can use the connections to structure and inform your teaching.

Kognity’s alignment to the NGSS framework (PDF)

Identify Key Features at a Glance

Make the most our of Kognity’s features to promote skills-based learning in an interactive, cohesive and fun way!

Identify key features at a glance (PDF)

Integrating Kognity into your Existing Ways of Working

Create your lesson plans in a way that suits you and your classroom – here’s how!

Integrating Kognity into your existing ways of working (PDF)


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