Kognity Kommunity

A space for Kognity educators to learn, contribute, and connect with the aim to support teachers in enhancing their practices alongside Kognity and ultimately, empower student learning!

Key Features

Resources: Access and utilise high-quality and easily accessible teaching material to further support your teaching alongside Kognity’s textbook. Here you can find an abundance of lesson plans, class activities, assessment guides & more – freely available to download by Kommunity members!

Computer with a screenshot of Kognity
Computer with a screenshot of Kognity

Discussions: Learn from a global kommunity of Kognity educators by engaging in subject and curriculum- specific discussions. Here you can share best practices, thoughts and ideas by starting a discussion in the Kommunity!

Kognity Learning: Develop your skills to maximise Kognity at a pace that suits you. Here you can access on-demand Kognity training, accessible any time & webinars that help address the core challenges of your subject & curriculum.

Computer with a screenshot of Kognity

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The Kommunity is currently available for Kognity IBDP TOK, IBDP Biology, Cambridge IGCSE™ Biology  and NGSS educators.

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