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Welcome to Kognity, your curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform with interactive content, analytics and assessment support – all in one place.

Explore why educators all over the globe use Kognity to save valuable time and guide students on active and inclusive learning journeys that will unlock their full potential.

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Education is the single factor with the highest impact on the prosperity and well-being of humankind. Technology has the potential to bring about better learning for all, but so far it hasn’t delivered on its promise.

We’re on a mission to change this.

Our all-in-one, curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform combines pedagogy and technology in the very best way, to engage learners and empower educators.


  • "Kognity increases the efficiency with which one can deliver their course. By integrating the quizzes, videos and readings, teachers and students can immediately address the areas of confusion. It is a superb resource, which accelerates your teaching, and the learning from students!"

    John Patton

    IB Coordinator & Science Teacher, St Gilgen International School, Austria

  • "Kognity offers so much, and empowers students to become independent learners, evaluating their own progress."

    Kenneth Horrocks

    Biology Teacher, Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • "Kognity is a well organized, visually-appealing resource for students and educators. The fast grading and immediate feedback for students is awesome. I am not going back to a traditional textbook."

    Juliet Perry

    Chemistry Teacher, Shaker Heights High School, Ohio

  • “Kognity allows me to spend my planning time searching for more activity-based or discussion-based activities. I don’t have to worry about delivering content or grading homework. It allows me the flexibility to do the things that are honestly more fun to do as a teacher.”

    Stephen Lo Bianco

    Economics Teacher at American School of Doha, Qatar

1000+ schools use Kognity in 100+ countries


of teachers: "Kognity saves me time"


of teachers: "Kognity helps me assess student performance more easily"


of students: "Kognity helps me achieve higher marks"

Partners and Integrations

We’re proud of our partnerships and integrations, which make your experience of using the Kognity platform even better.

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Some common questions

What is Kognity?

Kognity is your curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform with interactive content, analytics and assessment support – all in one place. Educators all over the globe use Kognity to save valuable time, improve teaching efficiency and guide students on an active and inclusive learning journey that will unlock their full potential. Kognity is a Swedish edtech company founded in 2015 by IB alumni. Since then we have grown fast and expanded our platform to align with Cambridge IGCSE™ and US High Schools NGSS. We are striving to be best at combining technology and pedagogy and our vision is to radically improve learning for all students around the globe. Today, over 1000 schools use Kognity in over 100 countries. 

Who is Kognity for?

Today Kognity supports schools teaching the IB Diploma Programme, Cambridge IGCSE and US High School Science. Our platform has been created with both the teacher and student in mind. With Kognity, teachers have access to high quality content to use in class or as homework, assessment tools and student data tracking, and professional development. Students get access to an interactive learning platform with curriculum-aligned, engaging content and a practice center to encourage independent learning.

We offer a department, school or district license. This helps schools to deliver consistent, high-quality learning experiences across departments, but also to maintain a manageable workload for staff – supporting a better work-life balance and increasing student attainment.

How do I get started with Kognity?

You’ll be up and running in no time. We’ll help to create accounts for your teachers and students, and they’ll soon be enjoying all the benefits of accelerated teaching and learning. It’s all very intuitive. Even so, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

  1. Activate your free trial with your Kognity contact
  2. Book training for students and teachers
  3. Kognity sets-up complete, full access to the platform (including seamless integration with Google Classroom and ManageBac if needed)
  4. Decide to continue with Kognity after your trial
  5. Enjoy teaching with Kognity and improve learning!

Ready for the next step? A Kognity expert is waiting to assist you!

How much does Kognity cost?

The price of Kognity varies depending on the number of students you have and the subscription type that you choose. A Kognity subscription is charged per student, per year. Teachers are always free. Get your estimate here!

How do I buy Kognity?

Fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you to discuss next steps! Kognity works on a yearly subscription model.

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