Engineering recruitment process

Teamwork and collaboration; the cornerstones on which we have built our engineering process.
During the process you will meet several of our engineers and work on problems together.

Kognity hiring process

Start by sending us an application!

Here are the steps that follows in the hiring process:

1 – Collaborative coding session

We will do a handful of general coding exercises, with the main focus being on how you talk about what you are thinking and what the code is doing. Most candidates prefer to share their screen to be able to use their own environment over video. We recommend that you do the exercises in the language that you are most comfortable with.

2 – Technical Talk

This stage will be an interview with us where we will get to know you better as a developer. We will be discussing your career, projects and technologies, combined with teamwork and the software developer craft & values we have at Kognity.

3 – Technical Case

In this part we solve a conceptual problem together using a virtual whiteboard, discussing and collaborating throughout the process.

4 – CTO Interview

This will be a talk about culture, the Kognity vision, and company values.

Here at Kognity we value transparent and honest feedback, and we want to give you the same experience while you are going through the recruitment process with us. We will ensure you get constructive feedback throughout the process and if your application is not successful, we will jump on a call with you to give you transparent and constructive feedback that you can take on board for personal growth. We also encourage you to give us candid feedback throughout the process or if you prefer, after your application has been concluded.

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Engineer hiring process

Engineering hiring process

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