Our hiring process

Kognity hiring process

1 – Application: Send in an online application through our career site to start your journey with us!

2 – Telephone interview: If your profile meets our requirements, someone from our talent team will contact you and set up a first initial call to talk about Kognity and your experience.

3 – Match-Making: It’s time to meet your potential new manager! Together you’ll deep dive into your experience and discuss more about the role and the team that you’ll be working with. This step is designed for you to find out if the role and Kognity is the right next step for your career.

4 – Case Interview: What sort of interesting challenges will you be solving at Kognity? The case interview will give you the opportunity to solve a task that you will be working with at Kognity and gives us the opportunity to assess if you have the required skill set to perform the role. Most of our cases are ‘unprepared’ – no need to sacrifice your personal time preparing anything!

5 – Executive Leadership or CEO meeting: For us it’s important that you also get to meet our leaders that you will be working with. For this reason, you will have the opportunity to have a general talk about Kognity; our culture, our journey so far, and our future plans.

Interview feedback

Here at Kognity we value transparent and honest feedback, and we want to give you the same experience while you are going through the process. We will ensure you get constructive feedback throughout the process and if your application is not successful, we will jump on a call with you to give you transparent and constructive feedback that you can take on board for personal growth! We also encourage you to give us candid feedback throughout the process or if you prefer, after your application has been concluded.

From sending in your application to starting your journey with us!

One of our core values at Kognity is “we are transparent”, and therefore we believe it’s important you know about the stages you will pass through, about our selection criteria for new Kognites and what we value in our new colleagues. Our culture is what makes us successful, and we have based our core selection and assessment criteria around them:

Kognity Wellness

We maximise progress

We actively reflect on what produces maximum progress toward our vision and make it happen.

We take ownership

We take initiative and act with self-leadership. We don’t wait for someone else to solve the problems we see.

We drive customer value

Success for our customers drives our progress. We create value for them in everything we do.

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We are transparent

We are radically transparent with opinions and feedback, and we share information widely.

We take care of ourselves and each other

We work hard and passionately, but also prioritise our own well-being, and that of our colleagues.

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Our hiring process

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Engineering hiring process

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