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9 June 2023

Swiss International Scientific School

Join Kognity’s free in-person professional development conference for IB DP and IGCSE educators and school leaders. Elevate your teaching and learning through workshops, breakout sessions and keynotes during the day, and enjoy a free networking dinner at night. We can’t wait to meet you!

3 reasons to attend Engage Dubai

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Connect with peers

Collaborate during the day and enjoy a free networking dinner together in the evening.

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Elevate your teaching

Equip your toolbox with practical tips that will support you in your everyday work.

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Bring inspiration back to your school

Learn how to adopt a digital pedagogy strategy at your school, powered by data and technology.

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Unpacking the new Business Management Internal Assessment

This workshop aims to equip teachers with the skills and strategies necessary to guide their students through the IA process. The session will cover the updated IA requirements, effective strategies for selecting business organizations and topics, conducting data collection and analysis, and supporting findings with relevant business theories and concepts. There will be opportunities for collaborative learning and sharing best practices among teachers, ultimately leading to greater success for our students.

Maria Sayyed

Developing the 4Cs with Digital Skills

In this workshop we will be exploring how digital tools and technologies can be used to enhance the development of the 4Cs – critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration – among learners.

Educators will learn practical strategies for integrating digital tools and technologies into their teaching practices.

Alexander Gray

How can I adapt Kognity tools to my student's needs?

Kognity provides a large range of tools to use: textbook, notes, reading assignments, question assignments, exam-style questions, but, do all tools work for all students?

In this workshop, teachers will share with each other their experience with Kognity’s tools in order to broaden our perspective on how each tool can be used to benefit each of our classes.

Katilina Gaffney

The inquiry cycle: creating a space where students think critically

Inquiry based-learning enhances student engagement, creates a space where students think critically and promotes deeper learning.

Participants will explore various inquiry models and gain practical strategies to incorporate into their class activities during each phase of the inquiry cycle. You will have a deeper understanding of inquiry-based learning and a solid foundation for implementing this approach effectively.

Karina Bustamante

IGCSE Economics: assessment criteria and marking

This session aims to support participants in understanding the assessment and marking process for IGCSE Economics teachers. It is crucial for economics teachers to effectively prepare their students for the examination. By focusing on the assessment objectives and providing feedback on strengths and weaknesses, teachers can help their students develop a strong understanding of economic concepts and the skills needed to excel in the examination.

Maria Sayyed

Differentiation: what it is, why you need it & how Kognity can help

In this workshop we will distill some of the research on differentiation from Dr Jane Jarvis, educational researcher and keynote speaker at the 2023 IB Conference in Adelaide, in order to understand why differentiation is crucial, discuss best practice, and demonstrate how Kognity can facilitate a move towards improved differentiation in your classrooms.

Edward Smith

Unpacking the new FE2025 Physics syllabus

In this session we will identify the major changes to the IB DP Physics syllabus and begin to unpack how we can approach teaching the new course. We will also discuss in more detail the new format for the Internal Assessment.

Liam Cronin

Applying the Approaches to Teaching (ATTs) in the IBDP Classroom

In this session the participants will explore the ATTs and how they improve instruction. Closely linked to the Approaches to Learning (ATLs), participants will reflect on a unit of study and design instruction that will awaken curiosity and engage students using ATTs.

Sofie Muchardt Smith

The TOK Essay: interpreting the questions, selecting examples, and establishing authenticity

In this workshop, we will address the challenges students face in the essay writing process including: understanding the questions, using more effective examples, structuring the essay, and establishing unique perspectives. Attendees will also be invited to discuss a pressing new question of the TOK Essay – how can we ensure authentic investment in the essay writing process?

Patricia Defelice

CAS- Experiential Learning and the Reflective Process

In this session we will explore the benefits of experiential learning in the CAS program, including increased engagement, motivation, and deeper learning outcomes. Additionally, we will discuss the role of reflection in experiential learning, and how to facilitate effective reflection activities to help students make connections between their experiences and their learning goals.

Liam Cronin

The compass: a systems thinking tool for deeper learning

This session will introduce participants to the Compass, A systems thinking, collaborative learning tool for learning and decision making about sustainability. This hands-on activity will engage participants in collaborative learning conversations related to an issue of their choice. Walk away with a ready-to-use tool/activity for your classroom or boardroom!

Laurence Myers

Edtech tools for engaging students in the new DP Biology course

Join this session to try out a variety of tools that can help your students engage with the new IBDP Biology course. For example, Parlay and Flip are excellent tools for getting students discussing and sharing their ideas and thinking processes. Participants will takeaway practical ideas on how to support students create and develop connections throughout and across the new course.

Ryan MacDonald

Exploring your new IB DP Biology roadmap

Let’s dive into the themes and levels within the new IB Biology syllabus roadmap. This session will be an opportunity to think about how we can  utilise the new, more flexible  syllabus, to best support teaching and learning within our individual schools.

Sophie Attwood

Learn more about your speakers!

Maria Sayyed

An experienced educator and Head of Department, with expertise in Business Management, Economics, and BTEC. As a Country Leader at the World Economic Cup, I have developed effective education policies and strategies. I am an author, assessment author, feedback handler and reviewer of IBDP Business Management and IGCSE Economics textbooks with Kognity.

Alexander Gray

 Alexander is the Head of Science at Dubai British School, having worked in Dubai for the past 8 years. I run DEEP Teaching in which I address ways in which teachers can develop, engage, explore and progress through EdTech and pedagogy. Alexander holds a BSc and PGCE from Loughborough University, a Masters of Education from Bath University and an NPQLTD from UCL.

Katilina Gaffney

Katilina is Kognity’s User Engagement Specialist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is passionate about professional development and collaborating with educators around the world to improve teaching and learning.

Karina Bustamante

Ms. Karina Bustamante is originally from Peru, with over ten years of experience as an IB educator. She has taught Spanish as a second and foreign language in New York and Dubai. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Champagnat University and a Master’s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Barcelona.

Patricia Defelice

Patricia is originally from the USA and has been in Dubai for the past eight years. I am a passionate TOK teacher and coordinator as well as the Head of IBDP English. I believe the most important element of contemporary teaching is embedding critical literacy and effective communication skills into the curriculum.

Liam Cronin

Liam has completed his BSc in the University of Limerick, Ireland, in 2013 and his MA in Educational Leadership from Liverpool John Moores University, UK, in 2022. He ha been teaching in the UAE for ten years overall, five years teaching IB DP Physics at Dubai International Academy, Emirates Hills.

Liam is am currently the CAS coordinator for almost 350 students and leads a team of fifteen incredible CAS Advisors.

Sofie Muchardt Smith

Sofie is an IB History and English teacher, workshop leader and former IB Coordinator who has taught in Spain, Costa Rica, Sweden, Brazil and the UAE. She is currently teaching History at Dubai American Academy.

Edward Smith

Edward Smith works with customer schools across the Middle East, as well as South East Asia. Before Kognity, Edward’s career was focused on helping companies reach their potential with new technologies, and he has a particular interest in helping schools do the same in the classroom.

Laurence Myers

Laurence works in the confluence of service learning, global citizenship and sustainability. His hybrid educational role at the American School of Dubai focuses on thought leadership, instructional coaching, systems thinking facilitation and shifting educational culture to catalyze sustainable institutional culture and curricular change.

Ryan MacDonald

Ryan is an experienced international educator and a Kognity content author for the new IBDP Biology subject. He has a passion for Edtech and believes that when utilised well it can enhance and enrich the learning experiences of our students.

Sophie Attwood

Sophie has been teaching for 14 years, spending the past 9 years teaching Science with a Biology specialism at GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis. She has worked with Kognity for 6 years, writing and editing content and questions for the DP Biology book and for IGCSE Biology.


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  • This professional development conference was my first, and what high standards it has set for the future. I was honestly blown away by how wonderful and truly helpful each session was. It was such a pleasure to meet all of you, and I am really looking forward to implementing everything we learnt during the event!

    Nargis Meghii on Linkedin

    Head of IB English & EE Coordinator

Kognity for IB DP Science Curriculum Updates

Calling all DP Science teachers!

With a dedicated track of workshops committed to tackling the new syllabus, you will break down and discuss the new changes to prepare yourself for next year. You’ll leave the conference with practical tips and strategies that will support you in implementing the new syllabus into your classroom.

Join us to get to grips with the new curricula and bring inspiration back to your classroom!

Bridging pedagogy and technology, together

Engage by Kognity is the learning hub for thought leaders in education, offering a full day of certified professional development and networking with peers. Through hands-on sessions, subject specific workshops, and inspiring keynotes, we will empower your teaching and hand you tools to balance the power and friction of pedagogy and technology.

The conference is completely free and hosted by Kognity, the all-in-one curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform. Following the conference, join us for a complimentary dinner!

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