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Does your child currently use Kognity, or will in the future? Here’s some useful information about our benefits and the value we bring. 

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Why Kognity

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Kognity is an award-winning digital publisher. We provide curriculum-aligned subjects in our online platform, combining the power of technology with the pedagogy of traditional textbooks.

Our content is written by subject experts and is designed to be interactive and engaging for your child, allowing for automatic feedback on their progress, strengths and weaknesses. Keep them engaged in their learning in whichever way suits them best – reading, watching videos or doing quizzes in the practice centre. 

Through your child’s personal account, you will be able to easily identify the subjects and topics where they need the most support and encouragement, helping to take them to the next level in their learning.

Benefits of using Kognity

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We cover everything your child needs to succeed in their exams and we continuously update our platform to ensure your child has the latest curriculum changes at all times.

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Fun and engaging!

Engaging videos, quizzes and real-world case studies encourage students to keep learning. 

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Expert author team

The content in our platform has been developed exclusively by IB & IGCSE examiners, workshop leaders, teachers, and experts to ensure we have the highest quality materials.

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Kognity enhances parent-teacher conversations with a full overview of your child’s progress. Teachers can easily help your child with their individual needs.

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Exam preparation

We enable students to go through the course at their own pace and then practice what they’ve learned. Exam-style questions with mark schemes give them extra practice to succeed. 

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Improved grades

When your child can see where they need to focus their study time, they become more successful in their revision efforts.

What our users say

“Kognity offers so much, and empowers students to become independent learners, evaluating their own progress.”

Kenneth Horrocks

Biology teacher, Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro

“Kognity gives students the confidence to work at their own pace; watch the videos, the animations, and have that little ‘eureka moment’ in their own time.

Matt Broderick

Head of Science, Repton School Dubai

I can certainly say that Kognity has been my favourite learning platform. Absolutely love their practice questions and past paper. It truly equips the students for the IB exams.


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A simple pricing model

  • 4 week free trial for new schools 
  • Per student annual pricing 
  • The school only pays for enrolled students 
  • No hidden set-up fees
  • Training to get teachers and students up and running
  • 24/7 support from Kognity

Webinars for you as a parent

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Going through the IB as an IB parent and educator

Join us for a webinar where you’ll learn how to support your child through the two year IB Diploma Programme – from a unique perspective! You’ll hear from someone who experiences the IB on a daily basis from two different angles – as a parent to IB children and as an IB educator.

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Student working on their computer at home

How to support your child through their IB exams

In this webinar, our host focuses on how parents can help support their children through the challenging times in and around final IB exams. Such as how to help your children with their revision, or how to handle stress.

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writing on paper

Panel Discussion: What should parents know when their children are starting the IBDP?

Listen in on our panel discussion about getting started with the IB as a parent. Hear from a variety of people in the IB world and learn how to support your child as they begin this challenging 2 year programme.

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