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Taunton School is an independent co-educational school in England. The school has approximately 100 students per year, spanning a range of abilities.  We speak with Neil Mason, who has over 40 years’ teaching experience. Neil began his Taunton School career as a Biology teacher before becoming Academic Deputy, overseeing the school’s departments, and ultimately Deputy Headteacher. He now teaches part-time, trains Biology teachers, conducts school inspections, and works as an educational consultant.

Taunton School’s challenges before Kognity:

  •       Resources lacked a logical structure, proving challenging for teachers
  •       Online resources such as videos can be lengthy and irrelevant to the course
  •       Wide range of student abilities (non-selective school)
  •       Some students lack engagement in certain subjects
  •       Lack of in-class time to get through IB content
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Structured resources to support teachers

A logically structured resource supports teachers, whatever their needs. Experienced staff and new teachers alike can both benefit from delivering a new or existing course using Kognity’s intelligent textbooks, designed to match the curriculum, and authored by expert educators and examiners. Neil says:



“I took to Kognity straight away – I thought it was so well-organised.  Kognity’s books have a very logical progression through the specification. Everything you need to know is organised in a very logical fashion, with very good quality diagrams.”

Accessible for all abilities

In mixed-ability classes and schools, students need to find learning material accessible, supportive and challenging. Integrated review opportunities give teachers a clear picture of every student’s progress: 


“Kognity’s readability makes it so accessible for our students. There is a checklist at the end of each section too, so you can be confident that you have either covered everything, or know what you need to revisit. I would say without a shadow of a doubt it has improved the quality of my student’s learning. I’m absolutely, 100% certain that it helps every single one of my Biology students who uses it.

Engaging content

Although teachers hope that students will find every subject fascinating, sometimes they need to find ways to pique students’ interest. Kognity’s interactive approach to learning complements your teaching to inspire the whole class. Neil finds that Kognity’s multimedia approach engages his students: 


“I’ve had nothing but positive comments from my students about Kognity. Certain topic areas can be very factual and there’s a lot to learn. I often find myself using Kognity’s examples because they’re really well explained. 

The videos break up the content. It’s so good to have that different voice in the classroom. I’ve found it so helpful and so have the students. When we first started using Kognity, our second-year IB students said, “Oh, I wish we’d had Kognity last year!” because it made such a difference to them.”

Efficient use of classroom hours

Neil echoes the concerns of many teachers around the world, “I find you’re so short of time in the IB, in terms of finding the teaching time that you need.” He finds that he can maximise the value of his contact time by using Kognity to set preparatory and consolidation tasks for his classes:


“With Kognity, you can set reading ahead of lessons so that students can get to grips with a new topic before the lesson. If you’ve taught a complex topic in class, you can also set follow-up reading within the Kognity platform so they can read a different take on the content and answer related questions. It really gets you ahead.”

Neil’s classroom practices have been revolutionised by Kognity:

“First and foremost, Kognity is the best teaching aide I have ever used, without a shadow of a doubt. The assignments are excellent, too, and so easy to organise. And the fact that it’s all marked for you, and tells you how they’ve done, gives you a starting point for the next lesson.”


I would recommend Kognity to anyone and to any school.
It’s the best teaching aide that I have had in 40 years. I just love it!

 Curriculum-focused, engaging media resources

The video content available on the internet is vast and varied. It is also often irrelevant, inaccurate and unengaging. Kognity uses accessible, curriculum-aligned videos to inform and inspire. Neil says:



“The videos are so useful. I use them to break up our lessons. Because they’re only two or three minutes long, you know you’ll have their attention. Everything in the videos is 100% relevant to the course that they’re doing. It’s great to present information in different formats, especially the Biology practicals.

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