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23/12/2022  •  2 min read

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“Technology plays a key role in helping students learn how to learn”

What role does technology play in delivering IB values? What should schools take in account when looking for education technology solutions?

Robert Kelty is a Senior Manager at the International Baccalaureate Organization. And Chris Barras is a Senior Account Executive at Kognity, based in the UK. Chris and Robert met in San Diego during the 2022 IB Global Conference and here are some of the key ideas that they discussed during their encounter. Watch the full video below!

  • The potentially biggest impact of edtech is increasing access, allowing more students to connect to the topics of their studies and to each other.
  • The vast majority of the challenges teachers face come from lack of time. Edtech tools like Kognity can give them more of it, allowing teachers to use the time that they have with students more efficiently and effectively.
  • The IB supports schools by helping them partner with the right people and solutions.
  • Technology plays a key role is helping students learn how to learn, learn how to research, and then go out there and communicate those findings to others.
  • Positive agency: at the end of the day, we want to see students feeling like they can go out there and make a positive impact, and technology can help them to do that.



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Robert Kelty, Senior Manager at the International Baccalaureate
Chris Barras, Senor Account Executive at Kognity