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Dr. Kecia Ray • 28/09/2023  •  30 sec read

digital content | flexible learning | learning environment | science

Flexible Learning Spaces

Today’s learners are experiencing gaps in mastery that require a more effective strategy. How can educators take practical steps to help students bridge these gaps in an effective and inclusive way?

The key lies in flexibility.

In this article, Kecia Ray outlines how flexible learning – across the pillars of environment, learner grouping and instruction – provides opportunities to create inclusive learning spaces that benefit students’ academic success, particularly when combined with a thoughtful use of technology and digital content.

This paper provides both the theoretical background and practical strategies needed for educators to capitalize on the benefits of flexible learning and deliver more personalized, inclusive and effective learning experiences.

Kecia Ray

Dr. Kecia Ray

Strategic Advisor | Coach | Author

Dr. Ray is an award-winning administrator with a track record of transforming large urban districts. Harvard University and the U.S. Department of Education recognized her work in Nashville, and her most recent projects include consulting with the New York City Department of Education and Los Angeles Public Schools to pivot to blended learning in response to the global pandemic. She serves the South Carolina Department of Education as a transformation coach for virtual schools and leads a community forum and consulting network, K20Connect, along with other passion projects.