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11/08/2022  •  1 min read

Leveraging Kognity for IBDP Maths Paper 1

Curriculum changes can be both exciting and daunting for teachers working hard to provide practice and learning resources to their students. As part of the Kognity community, you won’t have to create or find new resources on your own to help your students prepare for the IBDP Math Applications and Interpretation Paper 1. This webinar aims to demonstrate how you can use the intelligent textbooks to develop and reinforce skills that will be needed to answer short-response questions on Paper 1. Watch to learn more!

This webinar covers:

– Ideas for using formative and summative questions assignments to support Paper 1 skills
– Uses of example questions, exam tips, and section questions to support teaching
– The benefits of calculator instructions for a variety of calculator models
– The benefits of strength tests and strength battles
– Use of exam practice questions for teachers and students


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