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Tools and techniques to implement a flipped learning model

The last 18 months have thrown many unexpected challenges at educators around the world, and one that teachers have mentioned the most to us has been the almost overnight move to teaching remotely.

In this webinar, Edward from Kognity leads a discussion on the key challenges that schools around the world are facing with hybrid learning, presenting some actionable steps you can take to implement a flipped learning model with Kognity.

Presenter: Edward Smith works with schools across Africa, the Middle East, North America and Europe

Level Up: Game-based learning and gamification in the classroom

Students love games, and they often spend their time playing them obsessively. How can we as educators harness this power of student motivation for gaming to our instructional purposes?

In this webinar, we touch on self-determination theory and intrinsic motivation, exploring what factors are involved, how they can be transposed into the online classroom, and their crossover with project and enquiry-based learning. Much of the discussion addresses on concrete situations and examples where game-based learning can be an integral part of the student learning experience.

Presenter: John Riley – Teacher of Cambridge IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences at IOANID Scoala

In this webinar, Edward and Chris explore:

  • the concept of tracking student progress and why it is crucial for differentiated teaching
  • the benefits of understanding your students’ strengths and weaknesses on a micro and macro level
  • the different methods and tools that can support you in having a more holistic understanding of your students’ learning journeys.

Presenters: Edward Smith and Chris Barras from Kognity



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Using Technology in the Classroom:
How can we do it better?

How to Engage Students in 2021
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Upcoming webinars

Preparing Students for the Cambridge IGCSE™ FLE Exam

Boosting Reading and Writing in IBDP Language B

Date: October 28, 2021
9AM New York UTC-5 – 5PM Stockholm UTC+2 – 8.30PM India UTC+5.30

In this webinar, we are going to focus on practical examples to improve the DP language B student’s reading and writing skills. From digital texts to visual cues, the use of synonyms, and the power of linking new words and expressions to produce better texts.