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11/08/2022  •  1 min read

TOK: Understanding the New Exhibition

Join us as host Matt Kuykendall draws on his experience and expertise as an IBDP TOK teacher, author and workshop leader to discuss the TOK Exhibition. The exhibition is a new assessment task for TOK students. This assessment task is very different from the presentation task it replaces. Therefore, teachers and students may have a great deal of ambiguity regarding the requirements of this task and how to produce a quality, high scoring, product. This webinar starts with things to consider and look out for, before diving into how Kognity is structured to help teachers and students succeed.

During this webinar we cover:

– What does the exhibition require of our students?
– How do we build the skills necessary for our students to achieve at a high level?
– How does my Kognity text help me to build those skills?

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