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11/08/2022  •  1 min read

Unpacking IBDP Biology Paper 2 with Kognity

Join Biology teacher, curriculum designer and IB examiner Alex Catallo for this ‘just-in-time’ webinar for teachers of Year 13/Seniors in IB Biology. This webinar focuses on methods for training students to tackle paper 2 with confidence.

The webinar focuses on:

– Command terms, providing a worked example for practical support in developing an understanding of data-based questions (Section A)
– Comparing and contrasting effective and ineffective approaches to answering Section B
– We finish the webinar with some top tips and take aways as well as Q&A

About the presenter:

Alex is a Biology teacher who has enjoyed a diverse 20 year career, including teaching in the U.K. State System and International Schools in Japan and Bahrain. She has worked as a freelance curriculum designer in the United States and has a keen interest in building a vision for a sustainable future. She holds a MSc in Sustainable Development and is a LEED Green Associate. Alex is an examiner for the IB in TOK, Extended Essays and IB Biology. Additionally, she is a faculty member at Sustainability Education and operates as their Education Designer and is the co-host of the webinar series ‘Case Studies for Change’ and ‘Shifting Minds’


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