05/08/2022  •  3 min read

Webinar: Differentiation strategies in the virtual classroom for the new IB Economics curriculum

In education, one size doesn’t fit all – each child is unique and so is his/her propensity to learn and attitude towards learning. Differentiated classrooms are the most engaged classrooms where each student gets the best possible chance to learn – thanks to the teachers who not only know their content but also their students to curate differentiated instructions. The new IB economics curriculum has a lot more higher order skills for students to master than the previous syllabus, and that means that careful planning is imperative to ensure that learners of varying abilities are able to master those skills. This session will focus on differentiation strategies for the new IB economics curriculum in a virtual classroom. The webinar host will share ideas from her own practices and experiences, in the hope that webinar participants will be able to implement some of the ideas in their very next class.

About the host: Aparna Jha

Aparna is an IB Economics educator with 10+ years of experience. She is also an IB examiner and IA moderator. She is the assessment author of Kognity’s new economics textbook and is the Associate Diploma Program Coordinator, Extended Essay Coordinator and IB Economics Educator at Heritage Xperiential International School in India.



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