06/08/2022  •  3 min read

Webinar Using the Problem Based Learning Model approach to teaching the TOK Themes

This webinar will provide you with a structure for teaching the thematic elements of the course through PBL. At the conclusion of this webinar, you will gain knowledge, resources and confidence that will enable you to create authentic and reflective learning experiences for your TOK students while simultaneously teaching them necessary TOK skills such as comparative analysis, the identification and utilization of evidence in support of claims, and knowledge question formulation.

About the host: Matt Kuykendall

Matt Kuykendall has been teaching Theory of Knowledge for 10 years in Shanghai and Vienna. He is the lead author of Kognity’s most recent Theory of Knowledge text and has co-authored past TOK texts as well as the most recent edition of the DP Psychology text. Matt strives to create learning experiences for students that are relevant, skill focused and engaging. He believes that teaching from a thematic framework is an exceedingly useful tool in achieving these pedagogical ends.



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