IBDP Economics: Making sense of the new syllabus

The new syllabus is finally here. Are you ready to teach it?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it is the old syllabus with a few tweaks. It is much more than that. But does it live up to its promise of being a more compact syllabus that allows room for additional inquiry based learning and the development of the nine new concepts? And theory of the firm packaged as market failure – how do I best approach that?

This webinar aims to provide a broad overview of all of the changes, before focussing on a few specific elements in more detail. By the end of it, we will have:

– Identified all of the key changes made in the content.
– Discussed concept based teaching and learning.
– Discussed approaches to the Theory of the Firm content.
– Considered some key changes to the assessment model.


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About the host:

Steve Vorster has been teaching IBDP Economics for many years. Until recently, he was the Head of Economics at United World College of South East Asia (Dover Campus) in Singapore. With a cohort of 300 DP Economic students, Steve managed a team of ten teachers who worked incredibly hard to continuously improve student engagement and attainment. He has also been an Examiner for IBDP Paper 2 and Paper 3. Steve is one of the iGCSE Economic authors at Kognity.