IBDP Economics: Paper 3 – the new policy paper

The new paper 3 is a significant departure from previous examination papers. Students will be required to solve economic problems, and suggest appropriate policies. This will change the way we teach IB Economics in our classrooms. Students will have an opportunity to become Economists in their own right, suggesting and evaluating economic policies.

In this webinar we will investigate the changes to paper 3 with a focus on:

– the type of questions that may be asked on the new paper 3
– how to help your students get a “7” for the paper
– a range of strategies to teach the new paper 3


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About the host: Jennifer Olmsted

Jen Olmsted has taught IBDP Economics for 23 years, and has been an examiner for paper 2, paper 3 and an IA moderator for almost 10 years. Jen has taught in a range of international schools from Hong Kong to Switzerland, and loves teaching students who have diverse backgrounds and bring different perspectives to the Economics classroom.