IGCSE Business Studies: An Introduction to the Assessment Objectives

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December 9th, 2020

Business studies is a subject offered in the Cambridge IGCSE that does not require prior knowledge. That is why it can be difficult to teach it in schools where students see it as an offered subject for the first time. This webinar is designed to try to minimise the challenges faced by teachers when teaching Business Studies.

As educators we know that the best methodology to employ is informed teaching and learning. This can occur when we align the three important components of teaching and learning:

  • Learning objectives
  • Assessments
  • Instructional strategies

Assessments show us how well students have learned something. Learning objectives define the breadth and depth of what we want to teach, while Instructional strategies outline ways of how to ensure the quality of the other two components.

In this webinar we will take a glance at the recent changes to the syllabus, then focus on the assessment objectives set by IGCSE and how to work with them. Part of our discussion will be around matching the command words with AOs, with an interactive exercise to help us understand the importance of differentiating strategies used when answering Paper 1 and Paper 2 questions.

We will moderate the answers together and have a discussion around best practices, before finishing with some strategies for teaching students the AOs.
There will of course be a Q&A for you to gain insights into particular questions and concerns that may arise.

│New York UTC-5 07:00 AM │Stockholm UTC+1 10:00 │India IST UTC+5.30 17:30│


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About the host

Emilia Borissova Ilieva-NawfaEmilia Borissova Ilieva-Nawfal is a Business Studies, Economics and Business Management teacher. She is also an IB Examiner and workshop leader. Emilia is the quality controller for Kognity’s Business Studies and Economics IGCSE books, as well as the Business Management book. She is currently teaching in British School of Sofia, Bulgaria, where as an Academic Head she is striving for excellency.