IGCSE Business Studies: Strategies for overcoming common teaching challenges

Teacher in front of class

December 10th, 2020

Having trouble coming up with teaching strategies or ideas when it comes to improving your students writing for Business Studies (0450)?

Different students may have different areas to work on. This webinar will highlight some strategies which I have used in my years of teaching to help improve my students’ writing and responses depending on their areas of weaknesses and strategies include targeting the different assessment objectives in the syllabus.

│New York UTC-5 07:00 AM │Stockholm UTC+1 13:00 │India IST UTC+5.30 17:30│


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About the host

Image of the webinar host Pamela Pamela Ng Yui Ling is an IGCSE Business studies and IB Business Management teacher. She is also an IGCSE Assistant Examiner, an IB Assistant Examiner, and one of Kognity’s expert authors. Currently based in Singapore, she teaches at the ACS (International) Singapore and has a particular interest in helping her students to achieve the best exam results possible.