Preparing Students for the Cambridge IGCSE™ FLE Exam

Teenage boy sitting on sofa, using laptop and writing notes during online classes.

October 28, 2021
9AM New York UTC-5  –  5PM Stockholm UTC+2  –  8.30PM India UTC+5.30


Preparing students for the Cambridge IGCSE™ First Language English exam poses a lot of challenges. It requires our students to develop competency in a wide range of reading and writing skills, and to deploy these skills in a way that satisfies a wide range of question types. Furthermore, the exam is often seen by students as something ‘difficult to revise for’. This webinar explores simple strategies to give students a firm grasp of the requirements of the exam, and offers ways to reframe FLE course as a ‘reviseable exam’. We will also consider how we can use English resources to support students’ wellbeing.



About the host:

Ben Lewis trained as an English teacher as part of the Teach First programme. My first post was in London, where I worked with students with a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. I have since worked in two international schools: the Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur and Prague British International School. I currently coordinate literacy at the Prague school, as well as examining for the IB and creating content for Kognity.