Teaching IBDP Economics as Informed by Assessment

Assessment is an important tool to measure student achievement. But assessment can also play a key role to inform us how we can support student learning. Information from formative assessment helps us make modifications and adjustments to our teaching. In this webinar, we will explore a range of formative assessment techniques, and how we can use them to improve our teaching.
We will explore:

– Types of formative assessment
– When formative assessment is most effective
– Student reflections
– Assessments that model IB Economics formal summative assessments


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About the host: Jennifer Olmsted

Jen Olmsted has taught IBDP Economics for 23 years, and has been an examiner for paper 2, paper 3 and an IA moderator for almost 10 years. Jen has taught in a range of international schools from Hong Kong to Switzerland, and loves teaching students who have diverse backgrounds and bring different perspectives to the Economics classroom.