Support and resources for schools affected by the coronavirus

March 6th, 2020
Kognity supporting coronavirus affected schools

516 million people, 7% of the world’s population, are in lock-down due to the coronavirus. One of the worst afflicted groups are students who now struggle with disruption to their education and preparation for adult life.

Kognity has been reaching out to schools in the affected areas since the start of the outbreak, and we want to continue to do what we can to help your school and students overcome the challenges that the lockdown presents, and to do so in the best possible way. We are proud to be one of numerous EdTech companies coming together to offer our help, showing the value online learning can bring to schools especially in times where accessibility is a challenge.

We want to offer any school in lock-down territory, that’s not yet a Kognity user, access for free during the lockdown period.

Kognity aims to support schools by enabling students to continue to learn effectively even outside the classroom; we allow teachers to easily assign homework and organise class assignments – and thus continue and perhaps even enhance the rhythm of teaching and learning.

On this page, we’re also collecting resources, guides, and webinars for you on how to best manage teaching and learning during the outbreak. So make sure to bookmark it and spread the word. I’m sure you’ll find it useful, and please reach out with any ideas on what else would be helpful for schools or teachers to learn about.

We can currently support IB, IGCSE and GCSE schools, and we hope to help teachers and students by playing a small part in making life in lockdown more bearable! Please spread the word so we can reach relevant schools.

Hugo Wernhoff

Founder and CEO

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Has your school been affected by the coronavirus? Kognity is offering free access for schools affected by lockdowns to our online learning platform for schools teaching the IB, IGCSE and GCSE. Fill out the form below for more information.