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International schools of all sizes in over 100 countries use Kognity to increase teacher efficiency and improve student engagement. 

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Powerful platform

Kognity is an award-winning platform providing all teaching resources in one place. 

We built our platform to save teachers time by providing high-quality content together with ready-made assignments and automatic marking. Gain valuable insight into how your students are performing and give your students the ability to study at their own pace in our practice centre.

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Going ahead with exams?

  • Set hundreds of unique exam-style questions with mark schemes as homework or as an in-class activity.
  • Identify class and individual knowledge gaps using Kognity’s statistics, and target your precious teaching time in the most effective way.
  • Students can study independently using the practice centre, and strength bars tell them which subject areas they should focus on.

    Going the non-exam route?

    • Save time by setting trackable reading and question assignments directly in the platform.
    • Use Kognity to deliver continuous teaching and learning for your non-graduating students.
    • Use our statistics to help set predicted grades: you have full transparency on student performance over time.

      Flexibility for the modern classroom

      In the classroom
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      Hybrid teaching
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      Distance learning
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      Switch seamlessly between teaching online or face to face with Kognity. With all the teaching resources you need in one digital platform, your students can keep their learning on track by dipping in and out of their subjects wherever they are, all while keeping the full support and guidance from their teachers. 


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      Free access until August for new schools!

      International schools are facing even more challenges this school year. There are uncertainties surrounding exams, student numbers and whether you’ll be able to teach face to face or not in the coming months.

      We want to make it easier for you to get a head start on the next school year by offering free access to Kognity until August!

      Sign up for an annual subscription latest May 31st to take advantage of our offer with free of charge access until August 31st.

      3 of Kognity's IBDP Books
      IBDP subject offering


      • Theory of Knowledge

      Group 2

      • English B (SL / HL)
      • Spanish B (SL / HL)

      Group 4

      • Biology (SL / HL)
      • Chemistry (SL / HL)
      • Physics (SL / HL)
      • Environmental Systems & Societies​​

      Group 3

      • Geography (SL / HL)
      • Business Management (SL / HL)
      • Psychology (SL / HL)
      • History: Authoritarian states
      • History: The move to global war
      • History: The Cold War

      Group 5

      • Mathematics: Applications & interpretation (SL / HL)
      • Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches (SL / HL)
      • Mathematics (SL / HL)
      • Mathematical Studies
      3 of Kognity's IGCSE books
      IGCSE subject offering

      Cambridge IGCSE™️

      • Co-ordinated Sciences
      • Combined Sciences
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • Mathematics
      • International Mathematics
      • Economics
      • Business Studies

      Coming soon

      • Syllabus updates for:
        • Cambridge IGCSE Biology FE2023
        • Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry FE2023
        • Cambridge IGCSE Physics FE2023
      • IGCSE First Language English (0500)
      • IGCSE Computer Science (0478)
      • IGCSE Information & Communication Technology (0417)

      How does Kognity work in practice?
      Watch our 2-minute product walk through!