Exam preparation: how to study smarter, not harder

What should my study plan look like?

How can I stop myself procrastinating?

Where do I start?

It’s time to get ready for exam season. Lanterna’s expert tutors were in your shoes not too long ago, and they’re here to help. Maya and Liam will talk you through some tried-and-trusted strategies for making the best possible use of the next few months.

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Studying Smart and Keeping Calm:
Tips for Surviving IB Exams
Top study tips for
IGCSE exam success

More effective exam preparation:
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Creating independent learners with an innovative revision programme

Ingrid Delange is an experienced teacher, Head of Year and senior IB examiner. In this article, she shares some innovative methods for guiding your students through effective exam preparation and reducing their anxiety levels.

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Global education consultant Sasha Levitt discusses strategies and techniques that will help you to ensure that your IGCSE students are ready for the big day

Kognity ❤️ Kahoot!

These syllabus-aligned Kahoot! Quizzes are a great study tool for your IBDP science students – try them out in class!

In the words of Kognity teachers

John Patton

IBDP Coordinator, Universities and Careers Guidance Counsellor and Biology teacher at St Gilgen International School

John uses Kognity’s assignments and analytics to identify and address his IB students’ individual needs, in line with proven learning theory.

Adith Christian Putra Gaghansa

IGCSE Mathematics teacher at Springfield School

Adith relies on Kognity’s practice questions, automated feedback and analytics to support his IGCSE students’ independent study and inform his teaching.

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