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Theory of knowledge assessments

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Teaching Theory of Knowledge can be daunting, whether it’s your first time or not. While there’s a clear curriculum structure and framework to follow, it can be time-consuming finding reliable content to support your existing curriculum plans – especially when juggling this around the planning and marking of other subject lessons you may teach.

With 100% of the marks for Theory of Knowledge coming from 2 main assessments, it’s crucial that students are well-prepared on how to ensure they achieve those top marks.

To this end, we’ve created 3 ready-to-use, printable, curriculum-aligned handouts within our Ultimate Guide: Theory of Knowledge Assessments that you can give to your IB students right now! Help them to feel confident and well-prepared for both their TOK essay and presentation.

What you’ll discover inside:


How to structure essays using
PENCIL paragraphs


 7 steps to structuring a
successful TOK presentation


5 common slip-ups to avoid in
TOK presentations

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